Flying Without Fear Courses

If stepping onboard an aircraft is one of the worst things that you could possibly think of then maybe it’s time for you to book one of the specialist courses available that are designed to help you overcome your own fear of flying (aviophobia). These courses work by educating you on the facts about flying and by giving you some psychological techniques to put into practice. You’ll soon be able to take that holiday in the sun you’ve been dreaming of!

There are many causes of this fear, including a direct fear of crashing, a fear of heights (acrophobia), a fear of small spaces (claustrophobia), a fear of panic attacks and also a fear of being out of control. You may know exactly why you’re scared of flying or you may not even have a clue. Either way, these specially designed courses will help you to tackle your fear head on; with the end result being a new found confidence to fly.


We all have to start somewhere, and with these courses you won’t even have to get on a plane thanks to starter seminars held on the ground. These are a great way to get your confidence up, as a team of professionals will educate you about how planes work and how a huge metal tube filled with luggage and people can actually stay airbourne. The psych-educational sessions will give you some valuable coping skills to put to use when you do finally take a seat onboard an aircraft and these mixed with your new knowledge about how planes work will certainly build your confidence.

The next step will be to book a full course involving actual flight but don’t worry, the helpful crew will look after your every need along the way and the captain will keep you informed about all the important stuff. Don’t forget that you will be surrounded by people who have the same fear, so you won’t need to feel alone.

By no means are these courses guaranteed to ‘cure’ your fear but they are a great way to help you cope better, helping you work towards overcoming your fear. If you’re tired of being controlled by your fearful state of mind then say ‘no more!’ and work with the best to beat it. These course are also great for kids, so no matter how young or old you may be, why not give it a go? What do you have to lose?

If you think it’s time you overcome your fear of flying, why not book one of these excellent classes for yourself and start planning your next holiday in the sun. 

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