Flight Diverted Due to Drunken Prosthetic Leg Fight

Many of us love getting legless at some point during our holidays abroad but one woman this week took it to a whole new level, by literally taking her prosthetic leg off during a flight and lobbing it at the cabin crew! Needless to say that they were less than impressed with such shenanigans and the woman’s foul language and food throwing didn’t help them to see the funny side of the airbourne prosthesis.


After demanding ‘cigarettes and a parachute’ to no doubt exit the plane in style, the woman apparently slapped a girl in the neighbouring seat and after attacking crew was eventually subdued and handcuffed. Although the plane was heading to Edinburgh from Tunisia on Wednesday night, it had to be diverted to Gatwick due to the unruliness; and local cops were ready and arrested the one legged lady at the North Terminal at 10.22pm.

On her way off the plane apparently the passengers did see the funny side and started singing the hokey cokey, as she tried to continue the assault with her one good leg! Although we are big fans of in flight entertainment, we definitely don’t condone this sort of behaviour on any flight, as we believe that all prosthetic limbs should stay firmly attached at all times!

So if you’re planning on getting up to mischief on your next holiday abroad, please bear in mind that all airlines operate a zero tolerance policy on drunken silliness and naughtiness – with a chance of you ending up in the local nick and slapped with a big fine and even a flight ban! If you must get legless, maybe wait until you’re well away from the airport.