Flight Attendant Entertains to Uptown Funk

It’s not often that flight attendants spontaneously break into dance prior to takeoff, which is why we thought we would share this fantastic clip of flight attendant Caralee Savage, showing off her moves.

It all started when Caralee did a huge favour for late passengers by holding the plane, so they could board. As the tardy holiday-goers made their way to their seats, Caralee decided to entertain the waiting passengers by busting some moves to Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars. As you will see in the video, she really knows how to move and the passengers can’t get enough of the pre-flight entertainment.


With skills like that, we wouldn’t be surprised if she decided to start every journey with a funky dance routine. After uploading it to YouTube she said “A little entertainment while waiting for some guests to board. I used to teach dance in high school with Legacy One and we always encouraged the students to not worry about what other people thought of them.”

Well that explains it and good for her for showing everyone that you shouldn’t feel self conscious about yourself whether you’re dancing or not.

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