Trade Festival Fun For Summer Sun!

Trade Festival Fun For Summer Sun
Why spend hundreds of pounds to stand in a rainy field watching a band you don’t like, when you could be soaking up the sun rays in Turkey or Greece? Value for money is more important than ever before. Spend it wisely and jet off to an exotic destination for much less than it would cost to visit a UK festival!


There will always be a slight fear that you are about to be drenched during a music festival… You may be surprised that you can avoid that awful feeling, and sun yourself on holiday for less than the cost of a weekend ticket. Swap wading through the rain and mud for sipping cocktails and relaxing on a golden beach, or being pampered in a spa resort with one of our luxurious summer getaways.

From the opening parties of Europe’s biggest clubs to a 5-star retreat in a Turkish spa resort, the opportunities for an amazing vacation in 2022 are endless. There are so many reasons to choose a hot summer holiday over a crowded and cramped festival. Let’s take a look at some of them in more detail.


The Weather

This could be considered quite an obvious one, but the British weather isn’t always predictable. When you first purchase your festival ticket, you’re probably imagining a hot sunny day partying and having fun with your friends. This could be the case, but more often than not, the reality is completely the opposite. Drenched, covered in mud, freezing and shoving your way through the crowd to find your overly drunk friend in the pouring rain. A little bit of rain is expected of course, but sometimes it can rain, and I mean really rain. So much so, that even your tent cannot save you! If you do go to a festival this summer, ensure that you are prepared.

Now picture yourself tanning away on a golden beach in the glorious sunshine. Fancy a quick dip in the sea or swimming pool? No problem. Want to try some of the gorgeous local cuisine? Go ahead. Surely the freedom and relaxation levels you will feel on holiday are much more tempting than the messy, uninviting environment of a UK music festival.


The Price

You may not realise that the total cost of attending a festival is actually much more expensive than going on vacation! If you love music festivals, but cannot justify the price, then why not consider trying something festival-like whilst you’re on holiday? Take a look at some of the live concerts or events that may be available to watch during your stay. The total cost of a live music festival could equal to over £400.. Whereas a trip to your favourite destination abroad would only cost you around £299! Depending on your preferences of course.


Rock and Roll Or Relaxation?

Festivals can be crazy – a wild, unpredictable environment that can leave you feeling drained and overwhelmed. However, they are great for socialising, wearing fancy outfits and seeing your favourite artists perform live. A holiday is perfect for relaxation, rest and rejuvenation – you will feel comfortable in every way. The guaranteed warmth and leisurely activities will allow you to escape the trials and tribulations of every life.



If you’re travelling to a hot destination, you will most likely take a flight. If you’re travelling to a UK festival, there may be coaches or party buses available to “hype you up” before you attend. This type of transport may be cheaper than your average flight, but the traffic could mean they last for much longer than anticipated. Plane journeys often offer refreshments, spacious seating arrangements and aren’t effected by bustling traffic.


Make Your Decision

The weather, the price and the general nature of the event are all reasons to consider when making your final decision. Whatever you choose, Summer 2022 is set to be a season of plans, holidays, festivals and other fun activities!


Fun On The Beach


Leave festival glum, and choose Summer Sun! Take advantage of our huge selection of cheap holidays and book with Sunmaster today.