The Fairytale Town of Sintra


Close to the sandy shores of the Lisbon Coast, on the edge of a huge natural park is where you will find the fairytale town of Sintra. Its pastel coloured buildings of orange, pink, blue, yellow and red, give a stunning contrast against the surrounding greenery of the foothills and mountainous terrain; with architectural wonders such as the Palace of Pina.

This wondrous palace sits high above the city and looks as though it has been taken straight out of a Disney film, with numerous colours that adorn the outside of the palace walls. The buildings definitely aren’t boring, especially when you get close, as archways, walls and columns boast wonderful designs and artistic patterns; which work beautifully with the pastel colours.

Sintra is wondrously romantic to look at, which makes it the perfect place for Romantic holidays in Portugal. But on the other hand, the kids are sure to love it too due to the fairytale similarities.


The Quinta da Regaleira near the town centre is an estate, which is home to another beautiful palace. This one is a little on the creepy side, as although it boasts a beautifully intricate design there is no colour to it, making it appear quite scary especially when the sun goes down. It’s the kind of place you would expect a fairytale villain to live, as the grey walls blend into the surrounding woodland when no light is present.

But it is also quite magical, so make sure you see it during your visit. Once you’ve seen these beautiful buildings up close, why not continue your journey around the streets and browse the many shops. It’s the perfect place to pick up special souvenirs associated with the city that can’t be found anywhere else and there are some mainstream shops too!

If you want to experience the surrounding area, take advantage of the nature trips or head west to the coast, where you will find numerous golden beaches. Events and festivals take place throughout the year and it’s also near to one of the most popular golf courses in Portugal!


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