Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Benidorm

Benidorm is one of the most popular destinations in Spain, as it boasts everything you need to enjoy a fantastic holiday abroad. Take a look at these interesting facts below to find out more about this superb resort.

There are over three hundred skyscrapers

Benidorm is often referred to as the Dubai of the Mediterranean and many have also likened it to Miami in Florida, as it boasts over three hundred skyscrapers. Only London and Milan have more in Europe and best of all it’s not all wall-to-wall, as each has its very own area of leisure land. This was to make sure that the streets didn’t appear cramped.


Attracts millions of visitors every year

The beautiful sandy beaches, thriving nightlife, overwhelming choice of hotels and sizzling summer sunshine are just a few of the things that attract millions of visitors each year, making Benidorm one of the most popular holiday destinations in Spain. For added convenience, it’s only a couple of hours away by plane!


One of the healthiest climates in Europe

It is said that Benidorm boasts one of the healthiest climates in Europe, with clean seas, warm weather and unpolluted air. After a holiday here you’re sure to feel fresher than ever and with a golden tan you’ll no doubt look great. Escape the city life for a while and enjoy a summer on the sand at this amazing resort.


Applying for UNESCO World Heritage Status

Officials recently stated that they would apply for prestigious UNESCO World Heritage Status in a bid to preserve the unique heritage of the resort. With its numerous skyscrapers, beautiful beaches and superb entertainment, it is definitely one of the most unique places along the Spanish coastline.


 Was once a quiet fishing village

Until the first major developments in the 1960’s, Benidorm was once a quiet village. Then the Mayor of Benidorm, Pedro Zaragoza, wanted to help strengthen the economy in the area, which led him to start to develop the village into what can be seen today. The prime location along a beautiful stretch of golden coastline helped to attract visitors along with the new high rise apartments.


The beaches are 100% natural and not imported

There is a well-known myth that the beautifully soft golden sand along the coast of Benidorm has to be imported from Morocco. This is untrue, as the stunning beaches are completely natural in every way, which is one of the things that makes the resort such a popular beach holiday destination.


Home to more than 200 nightclubs and 1000 bars

Benidorm has an impressive nightlife thanks to its selection of more than two hundred clubs and one thousand bars, as well as a selection of British, Irish and Dutch pubs and also live music and shows. During the summer the atmosphere in the evening is electric, with many people flying in to have an unforgettable time.


First for bikinis

Believe it or not Spain was once subject to a ban on bikini’s but thanks to the efforts of former Mayor Pedro Zaragoza the ban was lifted, as he managed to convince Spain’s former Dictator General Franco to lift the ban. This helped to make the resort even more popular allowing bikini lovers to don their favourite bikini and soak up the gorgeous Spanish sunshine.


Spain’s 14th largest city

The popularity of Benidorm has made it the 14th largest city in Spain with an official record of around 90,000 residents. However, due to many of the residents being unregistered, the unofficial estimate is closer to 120,000. This figure would put it in the top ten largest cities in Spain. When the summer season hits, the population can more than double!


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