The Eerie Past of Spinalonga Island

Our Halloween theme continues today with the Island of Spinalonga in Crete. This seemingly normal island looks picture perfect, surrounded by clear blue waters with a historic fort overlooking the sea. However, all is not as it seems on the island, as it has an eerie past that many don’t know about. 8035335984_61663a7b96_z The island was once connected to Crete itself but under Venetian rule, it was separated as a way of strengthening the defences around the coast and the Venetian fortress was built. All seemed normal up until the 20th century when it was decided that the island was to be used as a leper colony. It was one of the last leper colonies in Europe, closing only recently in 1957 making it a very creepy place to visit. For the lepers having to live on the island, it was an experience of fear and isolation, not really knowing what the condition would end up doing to them in the end. Many believe that emotions are recorded within certain environments, which are what create ‘ghosts’. It’s the chill in the air, the cold spots and the uneasy feelings in the pit of our stomachs. These spooky feelings are definitely here and you will no doubt experience them, especially when exploring the old fort. 800px-Island_of_Spinalonga_P10506341280px-Spinalonga If you’re considering visiting the island, why not stay within the lovely coastal village of Istron, which is only 34 minutes away. Istron is located towards the eastern end of Crete within a huge bay, offering a selection of beautiful beaches. If you want to enjoy the beaches and experience the island in comfort, visit during the summer months when temperatures will be at their highest. Boat trips to the island are available from nearby resorts throughout the summer. Click here to view a deal from only £244pp for an All Inclusive 7-night stay. Have you already been? If so, tell us what you thought through our Facebook page!