EasyJet ‘moving fast’ to develop electric planes


All images courtesy of easyJet

We all make little changes in our lives to ‘go green’. Whether it is investing in a bag for life, sorting out our recycling or taking public transport instead of the car – we all like to do our bit to protect Mother Earth.

As thousands of planes cover our sky every day, that’s a lot of jet fuel being pumped into the atmosphere and the aviation industry has been looking at various ways it can reduce the amount of carbon emissions aircraft produce. Now, one of Europe’s most prominent airlines is taking steps to lessen its impact on the environment.

EasyJet has announced that it is “moving fast” with the development of electric aircraft to serve its short haul routes. Alongside US-based manufacturer and partner Wright Electric it has laid out plans to build battery-propelled aircrafts that will be able operate flights of less than two hours. The pair hope to introduce these planes by 2027.

Work is already underway with Wright Electric developing an electric engine that has the ability to power a nine-seater aircraft while – with the help of Axter Aerospace – has a two-seater aircraft flying. Wright Electric has filed a patent for a motor that can be transferred into a larger aircraft.

EasyJet hopes to create an electric ‘flyway’ between London and Amsterdam – the airline’s busiest route and the second busiest in Europe – where carbon neutral aircraft would operate between the two cities.

Speaking at Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport, John Lundgren, chief executive of easyJet, said: “The target range of the electric plane is around 500 kilometres which, within our current route portfolio, would mean a route like Amsterdam to London could become the first electric ‘flyway’.

“And as it is currently Europe’s second busiest route, this could in turn offer significant reductions in noise and carbon emissions, with multiple take offs and landings every day.”

Mr Lundgren added that easyJet’s use of the A320neos aircraft has allowed the airline to reduce its carbon emissions by 15% as well as a 50% drop in noise pollution.

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