Djerba – Perfect For Peaceful Tunisia Holidays!‏

Unlike many destinations, the TunisiaTunisia holidaysn island of Djerba has remained relatively untouched by modern styles of architecture as it strives to continue it’s traditional culture both architectural and social. Although there are many modern buildings, the architectural theme has remained traditional resulting it a continuing beauty that will hopefully continue forever. However, don’t let the ‘traditional’ part put you off as the island still boasts many modern amenities that caters to the needs of the ever increasing number of tourists that frequents the island each year!

Djerba is the perfect place to visit if you’re after a peaceful holiday where you can just sit back, relax and enjoy the silence and tranquil atmosphere that the island offers it’s visitors. The island is said to be one of the most beautiful in the whole of the Mediterranean, mostly thanks to the thousand of stunning palm trees that spread throughout the island and the incredible, white sandy beaches that are spread around the coast. There are also many beautiful, whitewashed villages dotted around the island that are perfect for an afternoon stroll and for exploring a little of the islands history and culture.

When it comes to the beautiful beaches, many are privately owned by the hotels that sit behind them. This is great news if you are staying in a hotel that owns it’s own beach as it makes things very convenient indeed, however if you’re staying at a location which doesn’t have it’s own private beach don’t worry! As there is still plenty of beach space to be taken advantage of and enjoyed to the max! Just make sure that you bring along that old sun lotion, as the sun can get very hot especially in the summer months where highs can exceed 30 degrees Celsius!

As well as there being plenty of cultural sites and attractions there are also some special attractions should you decide the bring the little ones, including the Djerba Crocodile Farm where you will be able to see some real Nile Crocdiles and get up close and personal! (But not too close though!)

The shops in Djerba offer some fantastic, original pieces for you to purchase with many being hand made! There is also a fine selection of traditional restaurants where you will be able to refuel, so you can keep experiencing the Djerba magic!

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