Dad films holiday on son’s GoPro…the WRONG WAY round

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Travel video blogging is all the rage nowadays with the internet filled with hundreds of people saying “hey, I’ll give that a go” as they document their recent trip to Majorca.

A British man has unwittingly added to his name to this long list in a hilarious mishap. Howard Newman has become an overnight internet sensation after documenting his trip to Amsterdam on his son’s GoPro – the wrong way round.

Mr Newman and his wife were travelling from their home in Hampshire to the Netherlands capital via train and while he thought he was capturing the rolling Dutch landscape, viewers simply saw a bemused man trying to work the camera. It was not until he handed the camera back to his son, Mark, so he could edit the footage they realised the amusing mistake.

The video starts with Mr Newman happily smiling and remarking how different the Netherlands is compared to England, completely oblivious to his error. It continues with the 69-year-old attempting to film his wife and complaining that the camera won’t turn off as he fiddles with the buttons.

As the train pulls into Rotterdam Centraal, Mr Newman auditions to be the successor of Michael Portillo’s Great Continental Railway Journeys but viewers see nothing but the inside of the train. His wife, Joan seems to be a bit more camera-savvy and films the entire approach into Amsterdam station the right way round.

This still doesn’t solve the problem as when they arrive in Amsterdam it has switched back to selfie mode as Mr Newman happily proclaims they had made it to the Dutch capital and it was hailing.

Speaking to MailOnline, Mark Newman said: “He’s [Howard Newman] not great with technology so I gave him a quick rundown of how the buttons work – not thinking it would be that difficult as there is only three – and set him on his way.

“Upon uploading the video to edit I put it all together to watch un-edited to see what footage he had captured.

“It was then that we realised that what he had captured he was just his face due to the fact he thought the lens was the other side.

“My mum was in tears laughing, especially as the bit of filming she did she actually got it around the right way.”

If it’s any consolation, Howard, it could’ve been worse. In November, Irishman Joseph P. Griffin went to Las Vegas and filmed himself by accident during the entire trip. If you’re planning on filming your next trip, make sure the camera is round the right way!