The Cursed Island of Gaiola

On the run up to Halloween, we thought we’d focus on some of the spookiest destinations around the world and bring you something new each day until the trick or treating is done. Today, we’re visiting the cursed Italian island of Gaiola and telling you a bit about what makes it such a menacing place to visit! The Bay of Naples in Italy is home to many beautiful islands, with beautiful rocky landscapes and lush greenery. The island of Gaiola however, is a little different. Although it’s definitely rocky and has some greenery, it’s barely big enough to accommodate a tour group, with one of the islets housing a large villa and the other a seemingly empty green space. From the sea and from the air, it looks quite harmless, like a small private island where a nice family would live. That is until you get close, when you will start to see the decay that covers the villa and start to feel that unmistakable chill of evil that surrounds the island.

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A hermit known as the Wizard once lived on the island in the early 19th Century. No one knows if he was literally a wizard, but if he was…then we all know the damage black magic can do. When the villa was built in the early 20th century, that’s when the trouble began. The first unfortunate event to take place was the owner at the time found wrapped in a rug after being brutally murdered! The following owner suffered a fatal heart attack and the following owners had similar misfortunes, ones son committed suicide, another’s son was kidnapped and so on. Let’s just say, if you ever get the chance to live on the island, make sure your will is in order.


If you really can’t resist visiting this ghastly place, choose one of our holidays to the fine city of Naples just a short distance away. Enjoying this marvelous city will give you the chance to forget all about the island after your visit. Summer is of course the best time to visit, as the sun will be shining and we all know spooky things don’t like the sun. Stay in Naples at the luxurious beach front Orchidea hotel for 7-nights next year for only £278pp. 

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