Considerations When Choosing An All Inclusive Holiday

All inclusive holidays are more popular than ever before – fun-packed and excellent value, they are a holiday maker’s dream. Here are some of our top considerations when choosing the all inclusive holiday of a lifetime!


Woman enjoying sunbathing at beach. Summer holiday

What’s Included?

All inclusive holidays offer all of the essentials within the booking price. Aside from the cost of the accommodation, you can expect food, drinks, activities and entertainment to be included. There are sometimes some additional extras that you may not expect! Benefit from a whole range of luxuries such as private beaches, water parks, play areas, gym classes and much more.

An All Inclusive Holiday Package Will Usually Include:

  • Buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Snacks provided throughout the day
  • Wine, beer and spirits and soft drinks
  • Selected activities

Remember that all inclusive doesn’t necessarily mean unlimited, especially after recent developments. Check the details of your all inclusive package before you purchase!


Finding The Best Value

All inclusive holidays are generally considered great value, but only if the amenities match up to the expectation. You may be surprised that it’s possible to find packages that provide a week’s worth of food, drinks and leisurely activities for an incredibly low price. Although it is cheap, it may not be ‘good value’ if the quality isn’t satisfactory.

Prior to booking, it is a good idea to do some research – read content, watch videos and read reviews. This will help you to establish whether the reality will meet the description of the experience before your trip.


Choose Your Destination

Unless you are set on a specific destination, it may be worth researching which countries offer the best all inclusive packages. Turkey, The Canary Islands, The Costa Del Sol and Benidorm are just a few places which are recognised for offering the best all inclusive deals.

Whether you fancy an active holiday, exploring the mountains of the Canary Islands, or sipping on a cocktail on the beaches of Benidorm – there are many all inclusive (and self-catering) options and cheap holidays available from Sunmaster.


Who Are You Going With?

One of the key considerations when booking an all inclusive holiday are the people you are going on holiday with. Are you going on holiday as a family, with friends, or perhaps as a couple? Make sure that the holiday you choose matches the needs of each individual. An all inclusive holiday may be a no-brainer if the kids are coming along, as they can eat what they want, when they want!

If you are visiting as a couple and wish to explore the eateries and attractions outside of your chosen resort, then self catering may be your best option. It’s important to compromise and talk through your choices.

Establish the preferences of the people that you  will be sharing your holiday with, this way everyone is happy!


Does It Suit Your Requirements?

All inclusive holidays are incredibly popular among families and people who want to chill out and indulge on holiday, without having to worry about spending any extra money. However, if you think that you would prefer to explore, dine and have fun outside of your resort then self-catering may be the best option for you. Do the kids get bored staying in one place? Would you feel drained from traipsing around, looking for something to eat or do? These are all things to consider before choosing your package.


Budgeting And Additional Costs

Be wary that not everything will be completely free within your resort and hotel – something which you may consider an essential may not be part of the deal, always check what is included before you book.



The main reason that holiday makers will often book an all inclusive, is the sheer convenience of it all.  Holidays are a relaxed and carefree environment, and that’s exactly what all inclusive provides. Many will find the idea of lazing around in the sun with all food; drink and leisurely activities provided, a holiday dream. All that’s required is one simple payment and everything else is arranged! 


Cocktails on Holiday


All things considered, it’s time to book your summer holiday. Whether you choose all inclusive or self-catering, there really is no time like the present. Your dream getaway is just around the corner.. Book one of our low cost holidays today!