Cheapest Time To Visit Italy

By visiting Italy in the low season you can look forward to a unique experience of Italy. With fewer crowds and fewer tourists, you’ll be able to experience what everyday Italian life is like and fully appreciate the main attractions without a tall American blocking your view…

April to the end of June and September to October are the periods that are considered low season, so choose a date within these if you can. Another great benefit of these months is that the weather is very pleasant,  sometimes it’s a bit (dare we say it) too hot in the peak summer months. So choosing a low season date will ensure the weather is more bearable for all the amazing sight-seeing you’ll be doing. 

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Top Destinations


Naples –  The beautiful city of Naples is a prime destination for many during the summer. If you’re watching the pennies, make sure you visit during the low season to avoid the crowds and hiked prices. A trip to Naples is not complete without a visit to the island of Capri – so make sure you head there for a memorable day out. Naples is also close to the ancient ruins of Pompeii, which are well worth checking out.

naples sunmaster holidays

Naples Italy sunmaster holidays

Sardinia – Famed for its fantastic beaches, you should visit Sardinia during September when it will be a lovely 22°C, this is the cheapest time to go. If you want to go earlier in the year and still avoid the peak season crowds – we’d recommend visiting during the period from April to June – a perfect time to catch the blossoming flowers which transform the landscape with a beautiful range of vibrant colours.

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Sicily – The island of Sicily is similar to Sardinia is many ways, as it boasts many beautiful beaches, historic sites and natural attractions, including the enormous Mount Etna. Make sure you visit during the months of April, May, June or September for the cheaper rates.
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Top Tips


Avoid Travelling During Public Holidays (Ferragosto)

Ferragosto is a major holiday in Italy around the 15th of August when most of the locals take their own holiday. This can lead to many businesses closing for the holiday and an increase in prices due to the locals wanting to have a break and enjoy themselves, so try to avoid this period if you’re on a budget!

Avoid Festivals 

Unless you’re going to a festival yourself – try avoid places when there is a local festival happening.  Prices shoot up, as they attract more tourists and even locals who want to take part in the festivities. Businesses and airlines will no doubt take advantage. 


Book your flight 2-3months in advance

Booking your holiday 2-3months in advance is advised for Italian holidays. The airfares are at their cheapest and you can get a really good deal. If you’ve already found the hotel and area you’d like to visit and are flexible on dates, please give us a call and ask us to search when the cheapest time to fly is. Sometimes it can differ between airports too, so it’s always best to ask.

Eat, buy and shop away from the main tourist places

You’ve probably heard this before, but in Italy it really is true. Moving a few streets away from a major tourist place could be the difference of a 1EUR coffee and a 15EUR coffee (yes 15EUR!!). Prices in places off the beaten track will usually be more reasonable, and you might even find a hidden gem!


If you’d like help planning your holiday to Italy, please pop us a message over on our Facebook page, or give us a call on 01274 422 341 and one of our travel agents will be more than happy to help.