The Chapel of Bones

We continue our week-long spooky theme in the run-up to Halloween with a visit to the Chapel of Bones in Portugal, which is without a doubt the creepiest attraction the country has to offer. You will find this haunting chapel next to the Church of St Francis in the Portuguese city of Evora to the east of Lisbon. It has become one of Portugal’s most famous attractions due to its choice of interior decoration, which is, as you’ve probably guessed, bones…and lots of them.

As you enter you will instantly see the dreaded décor, with skulls cemented together to make columns, as well as entire walls. In some places desiccated corpses hang from the walls and coffins can be seen filled with remains also. This may seem a little morbid to you and I – but for the monks who founded the chapel, it was created solely as a place to reflect and be grateful for the time we have on this earth. During the 16th Century, a lot of land around the city was being used as a cemetery, with over 40 in total. The monks removed the remains of around five thousand people, so the land could be used once more. But instead of simply discarding them, they used the remains to create the chapel to remind those of the fact that death will come to all.


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