Calle Ocho Festival, Miami

If you love to party then head over to Miami in Florida this March to experience one of the most impressive festivals of the year. For one week the popular neighbourhood of Little Havana transforms into party central, which spreads throughout the city attracting over a million spectators who want to join the celebration of Latin culture.

Sunday the 15th is the day to remember most of all, as this is when the big party takes place. You’ll find thirty stages featuring live entertainment in an area that covers 24 blocks – which are all closed off so everyone can dance in the streets without a worry. Stomp around to the many different kinds of Latin music and show everyone how it’s done.


When it comes to food, you definitely won’t be short of places to eat, as there are many places offering a selection of different dishes. Why not try traditional Cuban food at one of the Cuban restaurants or grab a quick snack from one of the many street vendors. The cooking contest is the place to be if you want to try a selection of different flavours.

If you’re thinking of bringing the kids along no problem, as they will have their very own festival to enjoy with age appropriate activities. At this time of year the weather will be sizzling, so don’t forget to bring your suncream and hats for the kids. Comfortable shoes are also recommended, as no doubt you will be exploring and dancing into the evening.

For those who appreciate friendly competition, head over to Domino Park on SW 8th Street and SW 15th Avenue where you will find some incredibly skilled domino players competing for cash. This is usually held before the Calle Ocho festival takes place and there is also a smaller jazz and art festival, which is also well worth checking out. It’s called the Carnival on the Mile and also features other kinds of great music including fantastic Caribbean rhythms.


You’ll be close to the famous sandy shoreline, so why not take a break every now and then by doing a bit of sunbathing, trying the water sports or simply taking a relaxing walk under the blue skies. You can then get back to enjoying the festival and don’t forget to bring back a souvenir.


Orlando is the ideal place to stay in Florida, as it’s close to pretty much everything worth seeing! Best of all, it’s not too far from Miami, so all you will need to do is to hire a car and make the short trip. Orlando is close to some of the best theme parks in Florida, including the awesome Disney World.

The Everglades are also a short distance away, so why not explore this natural landscape via an airboat tour and see if you can spot some alligators…


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