Cala D’Or – A Top Spot in Majorca!‏

If partying through the night and beingCalador holiday resort immersed in night clubbers and ravers isn’t exactly your cup of tea when holidaying abroad but you would still like a little bit of nightlife without the hardcore atmosphere, then the Spanish resort of Cala D’or located on the island of Majorca is most definitely the place for you!

Cala D’Or is roughly forty-five minutes travel from Palma Airport and with the flight time being around two hours from the UK, you will be able to enjoy your holiday without having to waste a whole day (or more) travelling to your destination! And with traffic being very mild and even non-existent in the town centre, it is very unlikely that you will find UK-like traffic jams anywhere near you, so you can focus on soaking up the rays and getting in that well earned rest before your short travel home again!

Although quite popular with tourists in the summertime, this wonderful resort contains the perfect balance for all likes and tastes without over doing it! For nightlife, the central square houses some great little bars that you can take advantage of and you will feel the lively atmosphere as soon as you arrive, especially in the evenings when the square seems to come to life! This will give you that great buzz without having to be surrounded by hundreds of enthusiastic clubbers, and you will be able to enjoy your drink in relative peace and quiet.

Since the centre of the town has been completely pedestrianised and all cars banned, this helps keep the area nice and clean as well as peacefully quiet, so you can take the whole family out to explore the fine selection of shops and little boutiques without having to worry to much about dangerous main roads.

The number one thing we are all wanting to get to straight away once we wake up on our first day of our holiday is the sunny, golden beaches! And in Cala D’Or, there are five main beaches for you to enjoy, mainly situated in coves but are most definitely some of the most beautiful beaches the islands have to offer! There are also many opportunities to take to the water and if you would rather not get wet, there is the exciting Marina de Cala D’Or, where if you;re feeling adventurous, you can hire a boat!

Whatever your tastes, Cala D’Or is a great place to enjoy your 2012 holiday as it’s fine selection of things to do will no doubt keep you entertained! Visit Sunmaster to find out more on our cheap holidays and book yours today!

We check out the sunny resort of Cala D’Or located on the southeastern coast of the popular island of Majorca where you can soak up the sun as well as enjoying some wonderful sites and attractions!