Brits value holidays over other activities

As a nation we love our holidays. No matter how far in advance we book it once those flights are confirmed and the hotel is arranged, all we can think about is getting away from it all.

Whether we’re jetting off to spend a week lying on a beach, gathering all our friends together to make ‘#Marbs2019’ one to remember, taking the family to the Algarve or enjoying that cheeky weekend break in Paris – we love nothing more than a holiday. And it seems that we put it above even the smallest luxuries in life.

New research from the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) has revealed that budget conscious Brits would rather save money for a holiday than enjoy a meal out. The organisation noted that 25% of the people surveyed would cut back on eating out instead of scrimping on their holidays.

It wasn’t just the occasional trip out to the local pizzeria that Brits would sacrifice before they scaled back their indulgence on holiday. ABTA found that purchasing clothing and accessories (18%), electronic gadgets (17%) and even an evening at the cinema or concerts (11%) would be more likely see cut backs before holidays.

According to ABTA’s Holiday Habits Report of 2018, around 86% of UK population said they took a holiday either at home or abroad in the past 12 months. It only highlights the importance people have in enjoying a much-deserved holiday at some point in the year. The latest research found that people aged 18-24 were more likely to make savings.

Despite often being regarded as having the lowest level of disposable income, only 6% of people within this age range said they would cut back on holidays to make savings. It is a similar trend with people with children with 31% said they would eat out less compared to the 13% would scale their holidays back.

Victoria Bacon, ABTA’s director of brand and business development, said: “We have always been a nation of people who enjoy taking holidays and it is clearly a spending priority for a lot of people, often overtaking other popular items and leisure activities.

“For those looking to go on holiday this year, but are a bit conscious of cost, then it’s really worth having a look at the deals and offers available at the moment.

“Many travel companies still have holidays left with free-child places or money off for summer breaks, and 60% of UK travellers say they booked a package holiday last year because it was the best value option for the price.”

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