Brits can’t live without teabags on holiday

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We all like some little home comforts even when we’re on holiday. Whether it is a full English breakfast on a morning, a read of British newspapers or even a pint of our favourite beverage, it can make us feel right at home.

One of comedian Peter Kay’s much-loved stand-up routines is where he talks about finding English products in supermarkets on the continent and feeling compelled to buy them despite the huge price hike. Feeling the unmistakable joy of finding a box of Les Cadbury’s Fingres or the Spanish equivalent of Walkers Crisps is something we have all experienced at least once while on holiday.

When it comes to home comforts, however, nothing tugs the British heartstrings more than a good cup of tea. This is a proper slice of Blighty and is usually the first thing we look for on our return to the UK. Considering our undying love for tea, have you ever packed teabags in your suitcase? If you have, you’re not alone.

A new survey by found that 48% of Britons chucked a few teabags in the suitcase so they can enjoy a proper cuppa when they land. It wasn’t just tea that Brits can’t live without as 14% admitted to taking Marmite on holiday with 11% stashing some Chocolate Hobnobs in the case. A further 9% said they took Vicks VapoRub with them to soothe any chest pains.

While some of our European counterparts may scoff at our British obsession with our beloved tea but the research found that our continental friends themselves take those must-haves on holiday.

When it came to the top items that travellers could not do without 53% of French holidaymakers admitted to packing cheese, understandably 64% of Italians said they brought their own Moka coffee while 43% of Germans could not be without their favourite bag of Haribo.

Some travellers are a bit more pragmatic when it comes to those little extras they take with them. The survey found that 32% of American travellers take toilet paper with them, 37% of Russians always carry a pack of playing cards while 66% of Belgians have an emergency wash cloth.

Do you enjoy a few home comforts when you’re on a holiday 2016? Let us know in the comments.