British children better travelled than ever before


We all have those fond memories of our first holiday. Flicking through the old photo albums and seeing the faded pictures of the family gathered on a beach in Cornwall or outside the restaurant you all loved in Majorca – it brings home that sense of teary-eyed nostalgia.

These are the holidays that become anecdotes we tell as adults and fill us with joy at the mere mention of the destination. While many people experienced the staycation life of caravans and camping as a child, new research has revealed that millennial youngsters are now better travelled now than ever before.

A study carried out by Royal Caribbean revealed British children have visited four European cities, embarked on three long-haul flights and been skiing twice, all before their tenth birthday. The researchers found that the average child has been abroad six times in the first decade of their lives which is a significant shift in culture to both their parents’ and grandparents’ generation.

While millennials enjoyed foreign holidays considerably more before turning ten, the study claimed that their grandparents have only been abroad eight times in their entire life. It was a similar story with their parents polled in the survey who said that while travel is a normal part of their children’s lives, they had only been out of the country twice before the age of ten.

Dr Paul Redmond, a generational expert who analysed the findings of the study said: “For the travel industry, Generation Z is incredibly important.

“Not only do they exert a powerful influence on their parents, they are a generation that care more about experiences and travel than any other generation.

“So it is important the travel industry listens to them – the annual, two week ‘fly and flop’ holiday on the beach is not going to cut it for them and holiday companies will need to take this into consideration when shaping the holidays of the future.”

The survey revealed the new experiences that children are being exposed to such as visiting a foreign market or souk, learning a new phrase while abroad, tasted street food and hopping on a cruise ship across the Mediterranean. The research also found that 68% of parents even consult with their children before booking a holiday.

It is these holidays that will provide the memories for years to come and when children grow up they can look through the old photo albums and talk at length about their incredible first holiday.

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