Boy Smuggles Turtle in his Underpants

Chinese Lad Hides Turtle At Airport In His Underwear

A young boy’s love for his pet turtle proved too much recently when he simply couldn’t bare to leave it behind before jetting off on a flight from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport. The young lad named Concong, concealed his favourite pet in his pants even after his Grandmother warned him pets weren’t allowed on the plane in an attempt to outsmart customs.

Unfortunately, the terrified turtle lost its cool and started to wriggle nervously. Despite Concong’s best efforts to continue the concealment, the security staff got wise to his plan after spotting the large bulge moving back and forth. He couldn’t hide and after an initial inspection of the lad’s underwear, the shell-shocked security staff quickly realised what the unsightly shape was!

A spokesman for the airport stated “She (the grandmother) had told him to leave the pet behind but he had disobeyed her and tried to smuggle it on board the plane. “When the customs officials noticed he was trying to hide something, he tried to cover it up, and when his grandma asked him what he was hiding he tried to cover it up even more.”

Thankfully there was a happy ending after all, as the staff agreed his turtle could travel in the cargo area of the plane safely and securely. But what if the shelled stowaway had made it onboard unnoticed? No doubt there would have been hilarious movie-like consequences with a lot of peoples salads getting eaten.

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