Blue Lagoon in Malta

Between the large island of Gozo and Malta’s northern shore is the small Maltese island of Comino, where you will find many lovely attractions including the naturally beautiful Blue Lagoon. This stunning expanse of cyan coloured water is the perfect place to spend a summer’s day, as you can cool off quite easily by going for a swim. The water is conveniently shallow close to the shore, so if you’re planning to visit with the family, the kids can enjoy it too without the worry of waves crashing down. The calm waters make it a great place for snorkeling and the deeper waters further offshore are ideal for water skiing if you fancy having a go.


Along the shore is a beautiful stretch of soft white sand, which is visible beneath the shallow waters. It’s perfect for relaxing on when you’re working on your tan and the kids will have fun running and playing on it in bare feet. Deck chairs and umbrellas are available to hire and there are numerous kiosks selling food and drink, so you won’t be far from refreshments!

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Comino has always had a very small population, even back during the Roman times it is thought that only a few farmers lived here. During the middle ages, pirates used the island as a base but thankfully there’s no need to worry about them anymore! Even the arrival of knights in 1530 had little effect on the lagoon. This means that it has remained relatively untouched and has maintained its natural beauty. The best time of year to experience the Blue Lagoon is during the summer months, when average high temperatures get to around 31 °C


The best place to stay for easy access to the lagoon, is on the island of Comino itself and with bicycle and car hire available, you will be able to reach its location on the western shore in no time! If you decide to stay in Malta or Gozo instead, there are regular ferry services to Comino.

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