Birmingham and Cardiff ranked most punctual airports


There are not many things in life more frustrating than a delayed flight. You’ve made it to the airport, excited to start your holiday and you’re hit with a departures board which has the word “DELAYED” next to your destination in huge letters.

When you just want to be relaxing on a sun-kissed beach, being stuck in a dreary airport terminal while waiting for your flight to arrive really can put a dampener on the whole proceedings. Airlines and airports take punctuality very seriously and want to ensure that every passenger reaches their destination on time.

A recent report from air travel intelligence company OAG revealed the airports and airlines which had the best punctuality. The company ranked Birmingham, Cardiff and Liverpool airports among the best in the UK with each receiving a 5-star rating. Birmingham was named the best with 90% of flights running on time while Cardiff was second with 89%.

It was bad news for passengers that regularly use Gatwick, Manchester and Edinburgh as the trio were named as the worst performing UK airports.

When it comes to airlines, leads the way with the OAG awarding the low-cost carrier a 5-star accreditation. It was one of just 14 airlines to gain this accolade with the airline having an on-time score of 87.5% flights running to schedule. Rivals such as British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and easyJet received a 3-star rating with between 70% and 80% of flights departing and arriving on time.

However, the organisation noted that both British Airways and easyJet did operate a significant amount of more flights than Jet2.

John Grant, senior analyst for OAG, said: “ has shown to have a robust on-time performance during some of the busiest travelling months of the year, although there are clearly improvements that UK airlines can make to their punctuality performance over the next six months.

“With the aviation industry going through a turbulent time, there is a lot for the UK airports to be proud of in terms of the speed at which they’re able to get flights on and off the ground.”

OAG named South African carrier Safair as the most punctual airline with a 94.9% rating edging out Spain’s Binter Canarias. At the other end of the spectrum Canada’s Air Inuit was found to be the least punctual airline with a score of just 46.3%.

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