Benidorm Seeks UNESCO World Heritage Status

The popular seaside resort of Benidorm in Spain is famed for its great nightlife, high-rise buildings and beautiful beaches where thousands of tourists enjoy holidays in the sun every year, which is why city officials will be applying for UNESCO World Heritage Status.


The resort is criticised by some for its mass tourism but is also praised for making beach holidays abroad accessible to everyone. The resort has grown substantially into a bustling seaside city with more than three hundred skyscrapers from what was once a sleepy fishing village during the 1960’s.

If Benidorm is awarded this special status it will be listed along side other well known UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Spain such as the Old City of Salamanca, the Roman Walls of Lugo and the Tower of Hercules. There are more than 40 sites in Spain alone and many more around the world including the Pyramids of Giza, Venice in Italy, Easter Island and the Grand Canyon. 

The city has been referred to as the best-designed city in the Mediterranean and if you visit it for yourself, we are sure that you will agree. It boasts every facility you could possibly want for an entertaining yet relaxing holiday and with plenty of nearby attractions and activities including live shows, water sports, boat trips, shopping centres, restaurants and more you will never be short of things to do.


Sociologist Mario Gaviria stated ‘During the past 50 years, some 250 million visitors have enjoyed Benidorm. It’s a symbol of harmonious coexistence that happily brings together people of all nationalities and languages.’

The mayor of Benidorm Agustin Navarro said that the move to get Benidorm listed with UNESCO status was aimed at changing the image of the popular holiday resort. ‘We wanted to protect all that we’ve achieved during the recent decades as well as give it dignity and value.’

Speaking of Mario Gaviria’s efforts Navarro said ‘He’s one of the intellectuals who loves Benidorm and defends it against the attacks we’ve received at times from people or media who don’t know the reality of Benidorm and instead report to stereotypes.’

The actual process however is no simple task and it could take around six years for the status to be approved. If the move goes well, we’re sure it will do great things for Benidorm helping it appeal to even more people, whilst protecting the importance of the culture. If you take a walk around Benidorm you are sure to be impressed with every aspect of the resort. The atmosphere is warm and the locals are extremely friendly. You’ll have everything you need to enjoy an unforgettable holiday abroad, so why not visit it for yourself?

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