Bars not being open at 7am, rain in January – traveller’s funniest complaints revealed


There are two things that Brits love doing – queuing and complaining. We sometimes even queue to make a complaint.

No matter where we are or what we’re doing, we’ll find some sort of grievance that we instantly have to talk about. It’s the same when we’re on holiday, they will no doubt be something that irks us ranging from the weather and hotel facilities to food and drink. Now, the Twitter page Holiday Complaints has compiled a list of genuine grievances from British holidaymakers.

Food and drink was a common topic for complaints with one person disappointed that “the bar wasn’t open so I couldn’t have my 7am airport pint”. Another was baffled (and angry) with the laws of physics incandescent that “the ice in my glass melted too quickly”, highlighting the real issue of melting ice across holiday resorts of mainland Europe.

It didn’t end there as even a taste of the delicious traditional Spanish beverage sangria was not enough due to a lack of “wide-ranging fruit selection in it”. While a fellow British holidaymaker was left bemused (and angry) that “the Fanta orange in Spain was a lot more Fanta-y than the Fanta at home”, the humanity!

However, it wouldn’t be a holiday with a bunch of Brits if they didn’t complain about the weather. It is that comforting sense of home by looking up to the sky and thinking (or saying) “urgh, it’s going to rain in a minute”. The Holiday Complaints Twitter feed was simply teeming with weather related gripe.

“The weather at home was nice whilst we were away so the whole holiday seemed a bit pointless”, one person bemoaned while someone else was seething with rage that “it rained every day. The brochure didn’t mention any rain!”

And then there is the cultural differences that can irk some Brits, even sometimes turning on each other. “There were too many English people around; we thought Ibiza would have been more exotic”, but then reverting back to an age-old problem “too many people in Germany only spoke German”, who’d have thought it?

When all else fails however, blame an unrelated incident on someone else like the following person “my fiancé and I booked a twin-bed but were placed in a double and I’m now pregnant”.

It’s true, us Brits just love to complain about pretty much anything.