Backpacker moonwalks past European landmarks

Video credit: Trav DeRose

How would you commemorate the legacy of Michael Jackson? Buy every LP he’s ever recorded and listen to them all in one sitting? Purchase one white glove covered in rhinestones and wear for every occasion? One American tourist has had a different idea of how to honour the King of Pop.

California native Travis DeRose has filmed himself moonwalking past famous monuments of Europe. Travis spent two months crossing the continent hitting 22 cities along the way and at each opportunity he swung past a landmark showing off his very best Jacko impression. He has compiled the whole adventure in a 29-second-long video featuring various bemused Europeans.

From the frozen climbs of the Skaftafell National Park in Iceland, the Berlin Wall, the Rome Colosseum, and the Eiffel Tower to St Mark’s Square in Venice, Istanbul’s Blue Mosque, Copenhagen airport and Disneyland Paris, Travis moonwalked past them all. And the reason you ask? Just because, just because.

Travis explains on his YouTube channel that the inspiration came from a previous holiday to Ireland: “I was getting my photo taken in front of a castle or something and I was just standing there awkwardly.

“Out of pure instinct, I decided to fight the awkwardness by moonwalking. The photo actually turned out pretty cool so I started moonwalking everywhere when I began this big Europe trip.”

The American crossed Europe on no less than 21 trains, whether he moonwalked up and down the carriages remains to be seen.

Either way, MJ would’ve been proud his legacy still lives on in the form of American backpackers.


Cover photo credit: Travis DeRose