Baby found in hand luggage aboard Air France flight


Photo credit: Duan Zhu

Cabin crew have probably seen it all when it comes to unusual items found in hand luggage but for staff aboard Air France Flight 1891 this was something completely different.

French authorities were called in after a baby was found hidden in a bag belonging to a passenger on the Istanbul to Paris flight on Monday (March 7th). Air France confirmed that the child, travelling with the adult, was not in possession of a valid ticket. reported that a “very shocked” passenger spotted something was moving inside the woman’s carry-on bag during the flight. Alerting cabin crew, the woman and baby were moved to the front of the plane and met by police upon landing.

A witness told the news provider: “The cloth bag belonged to a woman sitting at the back of the unit.

“At one point, she wanted to open it and its neighbour on the other row seats saw that something was moving inside.”

Agence-France Presse reported that the girl, believed to be around one to two years old, was travelling with the woman who was in the process of adopting her from Haiti.

Air France and the French authorities have launched an investigation into how the child was allowed to board the flight.