Aswan – Egypts Peaceful City‏

We are sure that the lovely British summerEgypt holiday resort weather we have all been waiting for is just around the corner and will be along at any minute! (We hope anyway). Until then why not get away from the cold and take that well earned break you have been promising yourself to somewhere where you can not only enjoy some gorgeous weather but also take in some amazing sites and experience some of the best ancient sites in the world!

Egypt has become one of the most popular destinations for international tourists wanting to view the infamous remains of a once powerful civilisation and due to it’s overwhelming choice of different ancient sites, Egypt is without a doubt a ‘must see’ destination and still has plenty to be discovered!

If you would also prefer somewhere a little quieter than the bustling streets of Cairo but would still to experience city life in Egypt then the city of Aswan is the place for you! It still has the charm and distinct Egyptian character as any other popular Egyptian city, the only difference being is that Aswan is older than any other and was in fact the first ever city in Egypt! Thanks to this, there are plenty of sites to see that date back thousands of years, many of which can be seen on the West Bank including the Tombs of the Nobles. This ancient area houses the tombs of princes ranging from the Old Kingdom to the Roman period and inside you will find awe-inspiring colourful Hieroglyphics and paintings that will really make the experience that much more exciting and special for you. Another grand example of Egypt’s ancient history as well as it’s peoples ambitious nature is the Unfinished Obelisk. The quarries around Aswan contain different variations of granite, which make the perfect carving material and was used for many structures, some of which were transported to different areas of the country. The Obelisk itself sits within these quarries and if it would have been finished, it would have been the biggest Obelisk in the world, however construction of the structure was stopped for what today are still unknown reasons.

The size of Aswan itself makes it perfect for keeping active and as many places are within walking or cycling distance, this will make visiting the areas very convenient so you won’t always have to rely on vehicles. If you would rather take things a little easier then there are plenty of lovely markets and shops to enjoy as well as cafes and restaurants where you can refuel and relax for a while.

Aswan is a great, all-round destination and has much to offer all, so to find out more about Aswan Holidays 2012 get in touch with us here at Sunmaster and find out more about our great cheap holiday deals today!