Are you guilty of posting the most annoying holiday photos?


Do you ever take a moment to look back on your holiday photos? It is an excellent way to perk up a gloomy afternoon and gets you in the mood for booking another break.

They usually tend to follow similar pattern – there’s one of a sunset, most likely one of your favourite dinner, one stood awkwardly outside a famous landmark and, of course, loads of selfies. When you look back on them they will no doubt cause a little chuckle and have you reminiscing about a thoroughly enjoyable holiday. 

However, isn’t it really annoying when you check your Instagram on your lunchbreak and you’ve been spammed by hundreds of pictures of your friends’ holiday? Well, you wouldn’t be alone in this thinking and there are some poses that seem to grate more than others.

UK cruise agent Bolsover Cruise Club set out to find the most annoying holiday Instagram pictures. Extensive research discovered that selfies, hot dog legs and kissing partners made users hit that ‘unfollow’ button more than any other.

Other holiday photo crimes included the ‘candid looking away shot’, people ‘pinching’ a sunset or building, the classic gap year student freeze jump and writing a name or message in the sand. The research revealed a divide in opinions between age and gender with a quarter of women being annoyed by hot dog legs while men were 20% less likely to unfollow as a result.

While the research highlighted which pictures really get our goat, which are the ones that are going to help rack up those likes? The company stated that followers were more inclined to ‘like’ pictures which included a famous landmark with sites with Iceland’s Blue Lagoon, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai and the Duomo di Milano cathedral in Milan among the favourites.

A spokesperson for Bolsover Cruise Club said: “It was quite surprising to see how many males favoured the more romantic poses on holiday with females identifying the “kissing partner” pose as more irritating.

“With the social media craze all around and Instagram users continually on the rise, it begs the question of what poses will dominate Instagram in the following years or whether the popular poses in this research are here to stay.”

What are your favourite holiday snaps and which one’s do you instantly hit the unfollow button on? Let us know on our Facebook page.