Airline creates album of engine noise

Video credit: easyJet

When it comes to picking calming music to send us to the land of nod, we tend to opt for the go-to options of whale noise, the sound of waves crashing on a beach or a lovely slice of birdsong. Not engine noise from a passenger jet – well, easyJet is going to test that theory.

The budget airline is hoping to fly up the charts with its debut album Jet Sounds. This playful pun on The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds 1966 release is the carrier’s first collaboration with The Children’s Sleep Charity and is track after track of the hum of a jet engine.

Recorded live on an Airbus A320 travelling from London Gatwick to Nice, music fans will be treated to the unmistakable sound of a pair of CFM56 twin spool, high bypass, turbo fan engines. Bonus tracks include the deployment of the landing gear alas the ping of the cabin crew call button is omitted and there is no regular trolley service.

Jet Sounds is designed to help people sleep better as recent research revealed that white noise has sleep-inducing effects. This technique allows the brain to ignore peaking interruptions such as shouting, barking dogs or car alarms and ensure they get much better night’s rest. The release of the album coincides with the launch of easyJet’s latest aircraft the A320 NEO which key selling point is a much quieter cabin.

Tina Milton, head of easyJet’s cabin crew, said: “Since the introduction of the NEO with its quieter cabin, we’ve created a more relaxed environment for our customers. We thought we would share this experience and help our customers get a good night’s rest in their own home, whilst helping to raise money to support the Children’s Sleep Charity.

“Who knows we might even become the first airline to hit the UK top 40 single and album charts.”

EasyJet faces some stiff competition to land the coveted number 1 spot of the UK top 40. Ed Sheeran’s Divide is still dominating the charts while Kesha, The Cribs, Elvis Presley and Martine McCutcheon all have new albums out this week so the airline really will have to soar to claim the top prize.

Jet Sounds is available to download from iTunes for 79p while the extended cut is £7.99. All proceeds go to the Children’s Sleep Charity.