Airbnb unveils unique aquarium room


“How would you like to sleep with the fishes?” A phrase that struck fear into the hearts of rival gangsters but now Airbnb is making it a reality, well, without the unpleasant connotations.

Teaming up with Aquarium de Paris, the lodgings website is giving thrill-seeking tourists the chance to spend the night with the wonderful marine life of the French capital’s premier aquarium. The world’s first underwater bedroom available on Airbnb is a truly once in a lifetime experience.

As visitors bed down for the night they can watch as sharks, fish and other colourful creatures of the deep pass by their 360 degree view room. It is all part of the aquarium’s campaign to teach more people about sharks, an animal that is often one of the most misunderstood.

If you’re planning on booking this extraordinary then hold your (sea)horses. The room, submerged 10 metres below the water, is only available between April 11th and 13th as part of a competition held by the two companies.

The lucky winner will be able to take three of their friends to stay in the unique room. They will be joined by world record-breaking freediver, underwater photographer and shark conservationist Fred Buyle who will be their host. They will be given a tour of the aquarium and learn how important sharks are to the ocean’s ecosystem.

Alexis L. Powilewicz, chief executive officer of Aquarium de Paris said: “We’re thrilled to be the first aquarium in the world to offer this chance for people to be more than simply visitors, but to get such an ‘immersive’ experience.

“Sharks are essential for the health of marine ecosystem. If they were to disappear, it would be a major threat to the ocean’s ecosystem. It is therefore crucial to be able to observe them in order to better protect them.”

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