Air New Zealand brings a touch of Hollywood to safety videos

Video courtesy of Air New Zealand.

They are a crucial part for preparation but there isn’t anything wrong with adding a touch of glamour to airline safety videos. And that’s exactly what Air New Zealand has done.

The Auckland-based airline has jetted in to Hollywood to create a hilarious and innovative video. Enlisting the help of US actress Anna Faris and Kiwi comic legend Rhys Darby, the Safety in Hollywood is a new take on a pretty mandatory part of every flight.

Darby spends the video trying to convince Faris to star in the airline’s safety video leading them into various different settings. All the while Air New Zealand cabin crew Sophie and Daniel are providing helpful reminders about safety during a flight.

The scenarios see Darby and Faris play partners in a police movie, a French romance, a teen horror movie (a subtle nod to Faris’ roles in the Scary Movie franchise) and cowboy bandits in a Western-inspired setting. Each scene has Sophie and Daniel dropping in reminders to passengers to always wear a seatbelt, switch phones to flight mode and inform them of the plane’s exit points.

Air New Zealand has made a habit of making memorable safety videos and have even received critical acclaim in the past. Stars such as Emmy and Grammy Award winner Betty White, the cast of The Hobbit and even the All Blacks have featured in these short films.

This year took Air New Zealand to Hollywood and was filmed on four different iconic sets at Warner Bros. Such as Jurassic Park, Casablanca, War of the Worlds and the TV series True Blood.

Darby explained how much he enjoyed the role: “Air New Zealand’s safety videos are a Kiwi staple and reflect the Kiwi sense of humour. I think people will really enjoy watching this safety video as it takes them on a magical ride through the movie making world, while still bringing to life the key safety messages.”