The Abandoned Buzludzha Monument

Continuing our creepy countdown to Halloween, we thought we’d tell you a little bit about the unusual Buzludzha Monument, located in the Central Bulkan Mountains in Bulgaria. In a world filled with creepy ancient monuments, haunted houses and abandoned churches, it’s strangely refreshing to come across a haunting attraction that appears to be from the future. The monument stands proud on the mountains overlooking the land and has the appearance of a spacecraft that has landed to observe us. The exterior is made from cold, grey concrete with what appears to be large black windows circling the body. Whether the sun is shining or the night has fallen, it’s equally as creepy at any time of the year. The quiet atmosphere of the mountains adds to the eeriness with only the wind to be heard. Buzludzha Monument AuditoriumBuzludzha If you decide to venture inside, you will find yourself in what appears to be a futuristic meeting hall, which resembles the design of an ancient Roman amphitheatre. The interior stands in ruin, with smeared concrete floors and a mesh ceiling. The walls have worn artworks, all of which have succumbed to the moisture in the air. The monument was created in 1981 to commemorate the events surrounding the formation of the Bulgarian Social Democratic Party in 1891. Unfortunately, shortly after opening it was abandoned and fell into disrepair. On the plus side, this makes it even creepier, so why not take a look when you’re in the area? VARNA_314 1280px-Входът_на_паметника O The large city of Burgas is the perfect place to stay if you want to see the monument for yourself, as it’s only a couple of hours away by road. This cool coastal city sits right next to the Black Sea and has all you will need to keep everyone entertained. You can stay at the luxury Calypso 4* hotel on an All Inclusive basis for 7-nights next summer for only £218pp. Click here to view this deal. Why not visit it by booking one of our holidays 2015 and if you’ve already experienced the monument for yourself, let us know through our Facebook page what you thought.