A Guide to Healthy Flying

We know it may be a worrying time for those flying now, even though many flights have been grounded because of the coronavirus, air travel hasn’t completely come to a standstill. Most of us are dreaming of the day we can step on a plane and travel again. That’s why we’ve put together a simple guide on how you can take precautions and stay safe for when you next go on holiday…

Before you fly, do this at home

  • If available, make sure you Check-In online and download your boarding pass where possible. Some airlines may offer priority access, which allows you to skip queues and keep your luggage with you.
  • Remember to check if you are healthy enough to travel (e.g. check your temperature). It is likely that your temperature may now be checked at the airport.
  • Always wear a facemask, both in the airport and on your flight. You can also wear disposable gloves and wash your hands frequently.

At the airport

  • If you are checking in a bag, use the automated kiosks and deposit your bag at the bag drop desk where possible.
  • If possible, use Fast Track to limit queuing at security.
  • Make sure you are using hand sanitizer and hand wash frequently and remember to maintain some distance from other passengers.

When boarding the plane

  • Priority passengers will be the first to board, so do not queue at gates. Remain seated until all passengers can board and proceed with caution when queuing to board.
  • Have your passport open and your boarding pass ready to scan to limit your contact.
  • Always ensure you’re wearing your face mask; the cabin crew will also be wearing facemasks.


  • All airlines thoroughly clean their cabins and disinfect daily, many airlines have even added to their already extensive procedures in light of the coronavirus.
  • Aircraft are fitted with state-of-the-art air filtration systems which operate to hospital standards.
  • Most aircraft will have limited inflight service onboard, consisting of wrapped snacks and drinks. You will not be able to queue for toilets.

When you land

  • On arrival, keep your face mask on until you have left the airport and remain cautious. Try to keep a distance as you pass through the airport and when/if collecting your baggage.

So, there’s no need to worry when you can finally travel and have your holiday booked. Follow these simple steps for a safe journey.