99 Things to do in El Gouna, Red Sea

Whether you’re an adventure seeker or a peaceful sunbather…you’re sure to find something that suits you in El Gouna! We’ve compiled a list of the top 99 things to do in El Gouna – from camel riding, to finding Nemo; kitesurfing to swimming with dolphins – you will literally have the time of your life!

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1. Kitesurfing

  Kitesurfing in El Gouna  

As one of the most popular watersports in El Gouna, you won’t be short of places to learn how to kitesurf. Head to Mangroovy beach and book yourself onto one of the fun courses here. Once you’ve got your equipment, head into the warm water and listen carefully to the instructors, as they guide you through what you need to do to stay up and take full advantage of the wind blowing overhead. Once you’ve learned the basics, you will be able to take over and practice harnessing the wind, which will pull you across the water. Once you’ve mastered this one, why not try some of the other fantastic water sports available in El Gouna.


2. Sliders Cable Park

This unique water sports centre is a great place to learn how to wakeboard and waterski without the need for parachutes or sails, as the cable rigs pull you along the water, allowing you to get your balance and when you’re ready, there are numerous jumps that you can try and make. These will launch you into the air, helping you to maneuver your body to do twists and turns whilst airborne. This simple yet ingenious approach is ideal for beginners and also perfect for professionals looking for a bit of fun without the need for wind or a speed boat.


3. Sailing

Sailing in El Gouna

Sailing is the ideal activity to enjoy during your holiday to the Red Sea coast but you will have the option of either being a passenger on a sail boat, like the luxurious catamarans or learning to sail for yourself by taking one of the fantastic courses aimed to make you a master at this excellent sport. Courses are available for both adults and children, so no matter what your age, you can learn how to control a boat by using its sail in the wind. This is a great way to build upper body strength, get active and learn something new that you won’t forget.


4. Snorkelling

If you want to experience the undersea world of the Red Sea but don’t fancy getting too out of your depth by diving then why not stay closer to the shore and try snorkelling. As long as you are a capable swimmer, you will get the chance to see some of the amazing sea life that includes rays, fish and turtles. The sea is crystal clear, so you won’t have trouble seeing through the water. It also means that you won’t need to wear heavy diving equipment, which can be quite scary if you’ve never dived before. There are many snorkelling spots to take advantage of and you won’t have a problem buying some quality snorkelling gear for a great price.


5. Horse Riding

Horse Riding in El Gouna

As well as camel riding, you will also get the chance to try horse riding, whether you want to do it on the beach or through the desert. These beautiful horses are well trained and very friendly but always take care when approaching them. As soon as you are saddled up and ready to go, you will head out and start exploring the area. The horses are tall putting you in a conveniently high position allowing you to see more. Just make sure you hold on tight and control your horse when required. It’s a fun experience especially for the older children.


6. Stand up Paddling

Stand Up Paddling

Stand up paddling is a fun way to enjoy the water without the stress and strain of sailing or kitesurfing. You won’t have to worry about being pulled about, as all you will need is a paddle and a board and once you’re equipped, you can start paddling yourself around on the smooth waters of the lagoons. If you get tired, simply stand still on your board and take a break. You can then start paddling again when you feel ready. It’s easy and ideal for those who want to get used to the water before trying a more active water sport.


7. Segway

Segway El Gouna

A new way of discovering El Gouna is by taking a Segway tour, which is not only fun, but pretty relaxing too. This equipment may seem a little strange to some but once you have mastered the simple movement, it won’t be long before you are confidently making your way around by Segway. The private tours are fantastic, as you will be able to travel freely and feel the fresh air and sun on your skin without being cooped up on a coach or in a car. Feel free to go at your own pace and if you need to stop, take as much time as you need to relax before starting off again.


8. Spa Treatments

Angsana Spa El Gouna

After a day of enjoying the local water sports and experiencing the many on land activities and excursions, you will more than likely need to relax and regain your strength. This is why a visit to the spa is well advised. Any one (or two if you’re lucky) of the luxury treatments that are available will help you to recover and relax ready for a good night’s sleep. Treat yourself to an Angsana massage, which works key points across the entire body. A bamboo massage is also recommended, as this offers a slightly different feeling with the result of pure relaxation and rejuvenation being the same.


9.  Golf

Golf in El Gouna

With a professional level 18-hole golf course, boasting beautiful green fairways and challenging holes, you are sure to find the ideal golfing holiday in El Gouna. If you’ve never tried it before it’s well worth a go and whether you are a professional golfer or just a beginner, we are sure that this course will suit you. You will have beautiful views of the glistening waters of the Red Sea and there’s nothing better than feeling the warm sun beat down on your skin. Take your time moving around the course and feel free to come back again and again whenever suits you best.


10. Sunbathing

Sunbathing in El Gouna

With beautifully warm weather, sunshine throughout the year and plenty of sunny spots to relax, you won’t be short of places where you can soak up the sun and work on your golden tan. When the skies are clear the sun can get very intense, so make sure that you take care in the sun by using lots of sun lotion to reduce your chances of getting sun burn. If you take care and enjoy sunbathing in moderation then you will hopefully develop a beautiful golden tan that will last. You will also get the chance to catch some rays by taking part in the numerous activities that are available in and around El Gouna.


11. Quad Biking in the Desert

Quad Biking in the Desert

This fantastic activity is great for those who wish to feel more independence during the holiday, as the trips will lead you on a quad bike out into the desert to enjoy a selection of excursions. Speeding through the desert is a great way to get the adrenaline pumping and once you experience the full moon trip, you will feel like you want to do it all again over and over. Also, pay a visit to the Bedouins and enjoy a sizzling star-lit BBQ in the desert. Jump back on your quad bike and head back to El Gouna with memories that will last a lifetime.


12. Swimming with Dolphins at Dolphin House

Swim with dolphins in El Gouna

Chances are like most of us you’ve always wanted the opportunity to swim with dolphins, not those caged in zoos but dolphins who are free and in their own environment. By taking a boat ride to the area of the Red Sea known as Dolphin House, you will stand the best chance of seeing and swimming with these amazing creatures. Although not guaranteed, if you do get to swim with them, you won’t forget it anytime soon, as they love showing off and getting close to you and the boat. Keep an eye out for additional sea life also such as colourful fishswimming near the corals.


13. Wakeboarding


This exciting sport is fun and keeps you active whenever you take part. The cable park is one of the best places to learn this sport and it also offers some ramps for you to try once you are confident in your wakeboarding abilities. Lessons are available for those at any level, so even if you’ve never heard of a wakeboard before, you will be given the opportunity to learn quickly and safely until you are ready to take it on by yourself. You never know, you may even get the confidence to try a flip on the water before you head home again.


15. Fishing

Fishing El Gouna

El Gouna is also the ideal place for fishing holidays in Egypt thanks to its fantastic location on the coast of the Red Sea. Fishing stocks are healthy here thanks to the quality of the water and the amazing climate that lasts throughout the year. There are numerous fishing trips available with some including a pick up from your hotel straight to the boat. Fishing and snorkelling equipment is available, so once you have reached the fishing spot, you will be able to sit back, relax and start catching with the option to also try snorkelling in the crystal clear waters.


16. Ride a Camel

Camel Riding in El Gouna

If there’s one thing most of us would love to do on a holiday to Egypt, it’s to have a ride on a camel. These surprisingly large creatures seem much taller than the ones on TV but don’t let that put you off, as they are very friendly and surprisingly comfortable to ride. This is a great experience for everyone and even smaller kids can have a go. Take care when moving around them but once you are up, all you will need to do is to sit back, relax, hold on and have fun as you move across the desert to your next stop.


17. Enjoy a Bedouin Dinner in the Desert

Bedouin Dinner in the Desert

For an unforgettable experience that you will surely enjoy, try the Bedouin dinner in the desert, as this unique experience is not to be missed and is ideal if you have never seen the stars twinkle in the clear Egyptian sky. This fantastic experience at the Oasis is catered by your hotel (guests on HB or All Inclusive will have to pay a small supplement) every Wednesday, so enjoy the traditional food, music and entertainment, as you relax close to the Red Sea Mountains. After the show, you will head back to your hotel where you can continue to relax until a new day brings a new adventure. We’re sure you’ll love it.


18. Marina Street Festival 

Marina Street Festival

If you love lively atmospheres where you can socialise with your friends or other guests then head down to the marina on a Friday night during your stay. This is when you will be able to experience live entertainment in the form of street festivals, with entertainers dancing along the street showing off their skills. Find a place to eat, sit back and enjoy a delicious meal and tasty drinks as you watch the show.


19. Take a Day Trip to Luxor

Take a Day Trip to Luxor

Take a day away from the resort and visit the ancient city of Luxor where you will find six ancient temples, which includes Luxor Temple. This historic city is a fantastic destination if you wish to experience some of the most impressive and most popular ancient sites in Egypt. The city sits on the eastern bank of the River Nile and if you decide to cross to the west side then you will have access to the incredibly impressive Valley of the Kings, which boasts numerous tombs of dead Egyptian pharaohs. You are sure to love this unforgettable experience.


20. Fly to Cairo for the Day to see the Pyramids


A trip to Egypt for your holiday wouldn’t be complete without seeing the world famous Pyramids of Giza for yourself, so why not take an extended excursion which will see you fly to Cairo for the day, where you can experience these incredible feats of engineering. Giza is located on the west side of the city and thanks to the size of the pyramids; you won’t have trouble spotting them as you come in to land. Don’t forget to take your camera, as this offers the ideal photo opportunity. Spend the day discovering these ancient sites and also keep a look out for the sphinx! We’re sure you’ll come away with photos and memories that will last a lifetime.


21. Take the Excursions to the Monasteries 

Monasteries El Gouna

Two exceptional pieces of historic architecture that are often overlooked during Egypt holidays are the monasteries of St Anthony and St Paul, as these are the oldest monasteries in the country, making them an essential part of your holiday for anyone and everyone who appreciates history. There are surprisingly few historic sites on the Red Sea and these happen to be two of them. They can be reached by road and once you set eyes on the complex of St Anthony you will be impressed with the high wall that surrounds it and the impressive size of all within. St Paul’s monastery can be found only a few kilometers away and is a must see to fully appreciate the beauty of these magnificent monasteries.


22. Visit the Desert Breath

Desert Breath El Gouna

Desert Breath El Gouna

The Desert Breath is a seriously impressive art project in the desert, only a short distance from El Gouna. Created by the D.A.ST Arteam, the project covers an area of approximately one million square feet and was completed in 1997. It’s a modern feat of engineering and seriously impressive when seen from the ground. The best view is of course from the sky where you can truly see it’s full effect. The purpose of the project was meant to suggest an experience of infinity with the desert and landscape in mind – and although it’s been around for almost 20 years, it still looks as outstanding as ever. Take a trip to see it for yourself by taking a camel ride through the desert from El Gouna.


23. Ride a Tuk Tuk

El Gouna Transportation  -tuk tuk 2

Wherever you stay in El Gouna there’s always a Tuc Tuc around the corner. Probably the cheapest way to get around El Gouna, for only 5LE (50p) per person per way, these speedy little machines will in no doubt be your mode of transport throughout your entire stay. For an authentic trip around El Gouna, you can also pay for a guided tour around the islands on a Tuc Tuc which will certainly be a unique way of seeing all the amazing sites. Each of these are individually designed making them even more unique and individual to the driver. It’s also a good way to stay cool when the temperature is high, as the wind on your face will feel great – although girls you may want to hold on to your hat as they are faster than they look!


24. Canoeing/Kayaking

The safe, calm waters of the lagoons provide you with an excellent environment to safely enjoy canoeing and kayaking. Sit back in your canoe as you paddle yourself through the water or meet with a friend and try and race through the waters to see who wins. It’s a fantastic experience that can be exciting and relaxing all at the same time. It’s also a good way to stay active during your holiday, as paddling for long periods of time is quite the challenge but fortunately you will be able to go at your own pace and you can call it a day whenever you need to.


25. Sea Cruise

Sea Cruise El Gouna

When you see the beautiful waters of the Red Sea it will be hard to resist heading out on a boat and taking a sea cruise to one of the area’s most scenic destinations. Whether you want to simply cruise along the waters just off El Gouna’s shore or visit somewhere, there will be something for you. Each area is just as beautiful as the next and keep an eye on the waters surrounding your boat, as you may be lucky enough to see dolphins.


26. Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving in El Gouna

The Red Sea is home to some of the world’s most amazing diving sites, which is of course why it’s one of the world’s most popular destinations for diving holidays. During your time in El Gouna you will be perfectly placed to take advantage of these amazing diving sites and with multiple diving schools in the area you’ll have the chance to dive even if you’re a complete beginner. Once you’re beneath the surface of the water, your mind will be blown by the sights as you explore beautiful coral reefs and shipwrecks – which are home to a fantastic array of sea life including colourful fish, turtles and rays. Simply wow!


27. Inflatable Ocean Ride

Inflatable Ocean Ride El Gouna

Fancy a laugh with your friends or family? Why not try the fun inflatable ocean ride. Imagine the wind in your hair and your heart racing as you glide across the ocean. There are plenty of options to enjoy, such as an inflatable boat, rubber rings and even a large inflatable banana – which is particularly great for larger groups wanting to have fun together. Scream your heads off as you get pulled speedily around the ocean with your hands gripping so tight trying to hold on. Pure adrenaline at its finest!


28. Kafr El Gouna

Shopping in El Gouna

The downtown area (Kafr El Gouna) of El Gouna has much to offer, with a selection of authentic shops, lively bars and stunning candle lit restaurants. Explore the beautiful streets in the area and sample some of the delicious cuisine available from the many restaurants. Head to the bars where you can relax with a drink or enjoy a lively evening dancing the night away in one of the open-air clubs. It’s a great place to be if you love a vibrant atmosphere and meeting new and interesting people.


29. Tamr Henna Square Event

Kafr El Gouna

This is a very popular event with the locals as well as tourists – it offers plenty of exciting entertainment perfect for an evening of fun. Throughout the night you will experience traditional Nubian shows, be mesmerised by talented belly dancers and so much more. You’ll also witness Tanoura dancing, which is a traditional Egyptian folk dance – you should try and learn the moves to repeat back to your friends at home, we’re sure they would be impressed! There are also plenty of restaurants nearby where you can sit for a bite to eat and try some customary Egyptian cuisine. Or if you’ve already eaten, you could simply just sip on cocktails and take in the bustling atmosphere. Ahh, heaven…


30. Smoke a Shisha Pipe


What better way to get immersed into the culture of Egypt, than by smoking a shisha pipe. Available in a variety of different flavours, you’re sure to feel nice and relaxed whilst drinking an ice cold beer and puffing on a Shisha pipe. The only question on your mind will be what flavour to choose, apple, cherry or even blueberry muffin. Why not try it for yourself at the Moods Restaurant and Beach Club, El Gouna.


31. Watch a Tanoura & Nubian performance

If you love live entertainment performed by very skilled individuals then you will love the Tanoura and Nubian performances that are available to be seen in El Gouna. The Tanoura dance is spectacular to watch, as this Egyptian folk dance is fast moving with a lot of spins and turns. The Nubian performances are also very impressive, so make sure you see them during your first to appreciate the skill of these talented individuals. If you’re feeling confident maybe try to recreate some of these moves at one of the local bars after the performance, as this can be a great way to have super fun into the evening.


32. Watch a Belly Dancer

Watch a Belly Dancer El Gouna

Belly dancing may seem simple enough but when you see it in person, you really start to appreciate how difficult it is and how skillful the performers are at mastering such a dance. Belly dancers can be seen at the Friday night Marina Street Festival surrounded by other entertainers, who add flare and style to an already impressive show. The dancers can also be seen at the Wednesday Oasis Bedouin night, so make sure that you pay close attention to really pick up the detailed moves that these dancers work so hard to perfect. Watching them can be strangely therapeutic, as they set a calming tone in the atmosphere that can be appreciated by all. Great fun for kids to watch too, and they can even join in!  

33. Ride a Bike around the Islands

Hire a bicycle in El Gouna for a mini adventure exploring the beautiful sights and everything else El Gouna has to offer. It’s the ideal way to increase your fitness whilst on holiday and catch some sun rays whilst discovering somewhere new. Why not try it with the whole family for an unforgettable day out?


34. Lagoon Boat Trip

Enjoy a delightful boat trip across the lagoons, taking in all the stunning sights and peaceful atmosphere. The crystal clear waters remain relatively calm throughout the year, so cruising across the water is as smooth as you could imagine. See the hotels on the shore and soak up the sun as you sit beneath beautifully blue skies on board your boat. Ideal for everyone whether you’re by yourself, with the other half or with the family, you are sure to love these scenic trips that you won’t forget anytime soon. There is much to see, so maybe take your camera along to get some unique shots.  

35. Watch a Film in the Outdoor Cinema

Outdoor Cinema in El Gouna

Outdoor Cinema in El Gouna

You really need to experience this outdoor cinema to fully appreciate the magnificent beauty and architecture of this amazing open-top cinema. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, and with huge cushions laid on stone benches you have lots of room to stretch out and relax as you watch the latest releases. Entry is free to everyone – and with popcorn and beer on tap, what else could you possibly want? This is a must-do activity that will completely enhance your stay in El Gouna.


36. Get Your Groove on at Moods Beach Club House Party

Moods House Party

One of the most impressive clubs in El Gouna is the Moods Beach Club, which boasts a large outdoor stage and impressive dance area where you can have fun and show off your moves to a selection of tunes. Tinie Tempah recently performed here at the popular house party, so you can be sure that people around the world who are known within the music industry notice the venue. It’s one of the best places to get your groove on and dance the night away, so don’t waste any time getting to this fantastic club and start experiencing what it’s all about. You are sure to have a great time and most likely will rock back to your hotel when the birds are tweeting and the sun is rising.  

37. Taste Delicious Salmon at the Smokery Yacht Club

Smokery Yacht Club

Offering refined cuisine in a luxurious and most comfortable atmosphere, the Smokery Yacht Club is where you’ll want to be if you want to experience fine dining in El Gouna at its best. The supremely delicious salmon is a very popular dish and arguably some of the best salmon you will taste during your visit to Egypt. The other dishes are also excellent and prepared to the highest standard by the skilled team in the clubs kitchen. Chill out and relax in the calming atmosphere and let the well-trained staff handle your every need whether it’s a meal or just a refreshing beverage with a perfect view.  

38. Watch a Football Match at the El Gouna FC Stadium

Football El Gouna Are you a football fanatic that can’t keep away from the pitch whilst on holiday? Have no fear, El Gouna has its own football stadium and you can spend a fun-filled Saturday afternoon watching El Gouna FC battle it out on the pitch. The feeling you get from experiencing an adrenaline pumped match will no doubt leave you wanting to watch another. These are professional players, so you are sure to get the entertainment you expect from excellent sportsmen.  

39. Island Hopping

Island Hopping El Gouna Island hopping is a fun and adventurous way to experience the beautiful waters of the Red Sea and discover the unique islands that can be found close to El Gouna. Speedboat hire is available and this is a quick way of getting around over the water. This will have you from one island to the next in an instant but if you would prefer something a little more luxurious and chilled then why not go for the 40 super yacht available for hire from Seven Spices. This can be chartered for a day or even a week and can accommodate up to 13 individuals making it ideal for larger groups. Whatever you decide, we know you won’t be forgetting this experience any time soon.  

40. Shop ‘til you Drop!

Shopping in El Gouna With a huge selection of hand-crafted shops, bustling arcades and cultural bazaars, you won’t be short of places to visit if you fancy shopping during your holiday to El Gouna. So get out and about and start exploring what the downtown area and the Abu Tig Marina have to offer. Browse a great selection of items at the downtown bazaars, which includes spices, leather goods and beautifully patterned rugs. There are many choices for unique souvenirs and don’t be afraid to haggle for a real bargain. Haggling is customary in Egypt and is also a great way to build your confidence and discover your negotiating skills.  

41. Enjoy a 5-course Meal at La Rotisserie

Rotisserie El Gouna

If you want to experience some of the best dining options in El Gouna then pay a visit to the impressive La Rotisserie restaurant, which is located within the 5* Steigenberger hotel complex. This truly amazing restaurant offers an international menu filled with delicious and varied dishes and with five course meal options, you will always walk away with a full stomach. It’s hard to choose from the excellent range here and whether you want to enjoy a romantic meal out for the evening or take the kids too, it’s not a problem. La Rotisserie is also part of the El Gouna Dine-around Program, so whatever your budget, make sure this is on the top of your bucket list in El Gouna!  

42. Enjoy an Intimate Meal at El Tableya

El Tableya Offering authentic Egyptian cuisine, a relaxing atmosphere and intimate set up you will surely love the El Tableya restaurant. The traditional music adds to the relaxing backdrop of the restaurant, so you will feel at ease as soon as you enter. It’s quiet and the menu is filled with fabulous choices, so try some of these authentic dishes and see what you think of the incredible flavours. It may be a set menu but it’s a great menu, so tuck in and don’t forget to order a refreshing drink to keep hydrated. You will understand why it’s so popular once you’ve been and it’s also part of the unique Dine-around Program.  

43. Watch a Fire Show as El Sayadin

El Sayadin El Gouna Every Thursday night is when you will be able to enjoy the fascinating and exhilarating fire show, which takes places on the beach outside the El Sayadin restaurant at the Movenpick hotel. These fabulous shows are truly impressive and watching the bright flames against the darkening skies is quite magical. During the show you will be able to enjoy dinner at El Sayadin, which offers an a la carte menu featuring seafood and a BBQ grill. No matter what you fancy to eat, we’re sure you’ll be satisfied with the choice and with this fascinating show you will definitely be entertained.  

44. Rent a Book from the Local Library (The Embassy of Knowledge)

El Gouna Library

For those of you who can’t resist reading a good book during your holidays, there is a local library where you can rent a selection of gripping books to transform you into another world. The library is very unique as it is linked to the renowned Bibliotheca Alexandrina and you can read any of the rare books available – some books that you will never be able to find anywhere else. The library is situated in the Downtown area and is especially great should you forget to bring yours along.  With a great choice of fascinating texts, we are sure that you will find something to suit you and to keep you busy whilst sunbathing or chilling in the shade.


45. Miss Scuba Annual Event

Miss Scuba Event El Gouna

For an unforgettable visit to El Gouna, make sure you attend when the annual Miss Scuba event is in town. The resort is swimming (pun intended) with gorgeous ladies all intent on passing their PADI Open Water license. The event helps to promote safe diving and importance of the correct training being given by qualified instructors. El Gouna makes the ideal destination for such an event, as it’s a very popular diving destination, with many dive centres and excellent dive sites just off shore.


46. El Gouna Rally Cup

El Gouna Rally Cup

This exciting rally sees multiple vehicles race though the Sahara desert with the finish line being the resort of El Gouna on the Red Sea Coast. Every year this competition takes place and if you get the chance to experience it for yourself during your stay it’s highly recommended, so go ahead and have a blast watching these super powered vehicles kick up some dust. The noise is exciting enough but when you see them racing through the desert, it’s something that you won’t forget in a hurry that’s for sure.


47. Aerial Sightseeing

Aerial Sightseeing El Gouna

Would you like to see the sights of El Gouna from the air? Who wouldn’t! So thanks to the motor gliders and ultra light aircrafts, you can cruise above the resort and see everything as far as the eye can see. It’s a great way to not only see everything in the area but also to boost your excitement getting you in the mood to discover more and see more. You can enjoy a 20-minute ride above the resort or a 90-minute ride along the coast from El Gouna, to Hurghada and Sahl Hasheesh. How exhilarating…


48. Visit the Art Café

Art Cafe, El Gouna

For those with artistic ability you must visit the Art Café, which offers classes for both kids and adults who are interested in getting creative and making some unique pieces of artwork. This café provides the perfect environment with the right level of encouragement and relaxation, allowing you to fully concentrate whilst being creative. You are sure to love the artistic workshops here, as you can always learn something new to use for inspiration when creating your work. There are also art events and an art gallery to enjoy during your time here. It’s great for everyone and well worth a visit.


49. Visit the Aquarium

Aquarium El Gouna

This small aquarium is a great place to visit if you love seeing sea life up close and personal without having to dive into the depths of the Red Sea. There’s no need to get wet here, simply walk around and look at the fantastic creatures that live here and learn about their habitat, what they’re called and how they live. Although great for kids it’s perfect for adults too, so don’t hesitate to stop by and discover this fabulous destination. It may be small but it’s packed with beautiful creatures that make the sea so special and full of wonder.


50. Beach Buggy

Beach Buggies El Gouna

One of the most exhilarating excursions available in El Gouna has to be the beach buggy’s from Speed Devils. These fantastic machines are mean and fast, so you can speed across the sand to different locations where you can get out and see the sights. It’s amazingly fun and will no doubt get your heart racing. You’ll want to come back again and again, so feel free to try it more than once during your stay. When you pick up speed and feel the wind on your skin, you will truly feel alive and ready for more speed. Don’t worry though; training and protective gear will be given to you before you’re allowed to speed off into the distance. The only question is…do you dare?


51. Beach Volleyball

Volleyball in El Gouna

A great way to stay active and enjoy the sun at the same time is to try beach volleyball on the beautiful golden sands next to the Red Sea. This is both fun and competitive, making it a great choice for groups of family/friends who fancy a bit of healthy competition to get the adrenaline pumping. Visit Zeytouna beach or Mangroovy beach to try out this fun activity and once the game is over, why not cool down by taking a dip in the cooling waters of the sea. We’re sure you’ll have a great time, but don’t be a sore loser!


52. Visit the Bibliotheca Alexandrina El Gouna – Culturama

Bibliotheca Alexandrina El Gouna

This amazing library is one of the most fascinating places in El Gouna, as it’s filled with history and a wealth of information that anyone should be keen to discover. To experience its full potential, you can turn up for a guided tour of the place, with a small entrance fee of only €1. Inside they offer the Culturama show which is displayed on nine screens (available in English) talking about the history of Egypt – starting from the time of pharaohs till modern history. It’s very peaceful and air conditioned too, making it perfect if the weather is unusually hot outside and you need a break from the sun. Oh and they offer free Wi-fi too!


53. Go Karting

Go Karting El Gouna

Another adrenaline pumping activity to add to the list of things to do in El Gouna is Go Karting! Situated near the Arena Inn, you’ll be able to get down and dirty whilst racing your friends around the track. This superb circuit is fun yet simple, making it appropriate for even the most inexperienced driver.


54. Visit the Tennis Academy

Tennis El Gouna

Have you been mesmerised watching Wimbledon? Has it given you a flavour of how the game should be played? Ready to up your game? Then why not pick up a racket and push yourself in a game? With the ACE International Tennis Academy you can learn how to handle a tennis ball properly which will surely help you to brush up on your tennis tactics.


55. Learn to Swim

Learn to swim

El Gouna is the perfect place for your children to learn how to swim. Book them onto a swimming lesson with other similar aged kids and they’ll have a whale of a time! With no stress and no pressure, they can learn in their own time and gain the confidence to swim safely in the waters of the lagoon and maybe even the Red Sea.


56. Glass Bottom Boat Trips

The glass bottom boat makes the ideal choice if you want to discover the beauty of the undersea world without having to get wet or learn how to dive. Stay dry and comfortable by taking a trip on this well designed boat that allows you to see everything directly under the boat. As it passes over corals, see the beautiful sea life swim and interact with each other. Thanks to the waters being crystal clear, you won’t have trouble seeing through the water at the brightly coloured fish. It’s a great option for the whole family and ideal for smaller children.


57. Liquid Park El Gouna

Liquid Park El Gouna

Unlike your standard water park, Liquid Park is in fact an inflatable water park that operates throughout the peak seasons. When it’s open you can enjoy a climbing wall, inflatable toys, action tower, slides and a friendly animation team who organise activities and encourage everyone to have fun and be safe. There is also a free shuttle bus that will come and pick you up from your hotel and bring you straight to the park for your convenience. It’s a fun place for the whole family and the kids are sure to love the time that they spend here, so why not come on by and give it a go.


58. Visit Zeytouna Beach

Zeytouna Beach

As one of the more popular beaches in El Gouna, Zeytouna beach offers the opportunity to not only relax but to stay active, have fun and to learn something new. If you want to chill out and soak up the sun then find a spot on the sandy shores and spend some time working on your tan. Alternatively, head into the glistening waters for a swim or snorkel to see the beautiful coral. You will also be able to learn kitesurfing here, which is a superb challenge if you’ve never tried it before.


59. Beach Party at Mangroovy Beach

Mangroovy Beach

If you love a beach party, there is no place more irresistible than Mangroovy Beach! This superb beach offers the perfect location to grab a burger from the BBQ and dance the night away with friends. The beautifully soft sand and warm waters are ideal for swimming in – it’s highly recommended and well worth visiting.


60. Fly in the Air with Jetlev-Flyers

Jetlev-Flyers El Gouna

This futuristic activity is something that truly can’t be missed, as it’s a unique experience that’ll let you fly above the surface of the water. This unique creation is similar to a jetpack but instead of using fuel, it uses impressive water jets that can be controlled with your hands. It’s new, it’s fun and it’s high tech, so enjoy it whenever you’re in El Gouna and literally fly through the air!


61. Drink Cocktails at Moods Lounge Bar


Sex on the beach? Mojito? Tequila Sunrise? Whatever your poison, you are sure to have a great time at the Moods lounge bar. This superb destination is ideal if you’re looking to chill out for the evening and get your fill of fantastic oriental cuisine. Every Friday night throughout the summer, there is also a beach party, which is great for meeting new people and simply having a unforgettable evening.


62. Visit the Luxor Temple

Valley of the Kings

To the west of El Gouna across the desert is where you will find the ancient city of Luxor on the bank of the River Nile. This is the location of the Luxor Temple, which is another of Egypt’s most popular ancient sites. The temple is a truly impressive site and you will find six temples altogether, which are all well worth exploring. You will get even more photo opportunities that can’t be missed, as you will experience a truly fascinating journey of discovery even if you only stay for a short time. Take your time and explore with no need to rush.


63. Visit the Valley of the Kings


If you love history and wish to see some of the most impressive historic sites in Egypt then pay a visit to the Valley of the Kings, which can be found on the western side of the River Nile. This impressive location is where you will find Egyptian royalty from a period spanning 500 years. These tombs were constructed to house the bodies of Pharaohs and despite the age of these tombs, they are remarkably intact, which is why this site is so incredibly popular. It’s a must see and don’t forget to bring your camera, as there are plenty of photo opportunities.


64. Dive a Shipwreck 

The reef known as Abu Nuhas is where you will find a selection of sunken ships in the Red Sea. This notorious reef remains hidden just below the surface of the water, making it treacherous for ships passing over. Many have fallen creating a fascinating and very popular dive site. This site can be found couple of hours by boat from El Gouna and is well worth visiting even if you’re relatively new to diving. Just make sure that you get trained properly before heading out. Some of the ships you will find here are named Kimon M, Ghiannis D and Carnatic.


65. Find Nemo

The Red Sea is one of the world’s most popular diving destinations thanks to its crystal clear waters, great weather and abundance of sea life that dwell within numerous reefs and ship wrecks. Among these lovely creatures are the Amphiprioninae, also known as clownfish – but more popular known as the Nemo fish. These orange and white fish are very distinctive but despite this, they can still be relatively hard to spot. This is why trying to find one is quite a challenge, so why not give it a go and try to find Nemo?


66. Sunset Catamaran Cruise with Champagne

Sunset Catamaran Cruise

If you want to experience the millionaire lifestyle even if only for a moment then book yourself on a sunset catamaran cruise and chill out, as you sail across the waters of the Red Sea. This fantastic mini voyage will take you offshore and with champagne in hand you will surely feel special. Take a moment to take in the beautiful sights of the resort from the sea and look out into the distance to see the endless glimmering of the beautiful blue waters. It makes the perfect end to the perfect day, so why not give it a go?


67. Try a Burger at Le Garage Gourmet Burger Restaurant

Le Garage Gourmet Burger

Do you like mouthwatering, cheese dripping, juicy burgers? Of course you do, who doesn’t? So visit Le Garage Gourmet Burger restaurant where you can enjoy specially made burgers created using the finest ingredients and cooked by professionals who love nothing more than a scrumptious burger. Browse the menu to find the burger to suit you and savor each and every mouthful as you devour it. Ready for more? Why not go for seconds or quit while you’re ahead and settle for a dessert instead.


68. Play Darts at Dunes Restaurant & Bar

Dunes Bar

If you like a challenge and are planning to visit during the winter months then head to the Dunes restaurant and bar where you will get to have a go at darts with tournaments running throughout the winter months held every Wednesday. This is a great way to compete with one another without taking part in strenuous activities such as kitesurfing. It’s fun but very challenging and well worth playing whether you’re an amateur or a seasoned pro. Give it a go and see if you have what it takes to become the next darts champion.


69. Tuck in at the Puddleduck Restaurant

If you’re looking for the best place to eat in El Gouna, then look no further. The Puddleduck Restaurant is owned by a couple from Yorkshire who have extremely high standards of service and food. If you’re craving for a proper Sunday Dinner, then this is the place to go. Offering proper British food with an oriental twist, the lip smacking goodness will ensure you come back time and time again throughout your stay in El Gouna. The atmosphere is chilled and very friendly, the staff always extremely welcoming and couldn’t do more for you! And if you have children, or like cats they have adopted a gorgeous white and ginger cat named Hogwarts who has recently had a kitten named Mini Me. The menu changes regularly to keep things fresh and there are plenty of drinks on offer too. It’s a great place to spend an evening (or two).


70. Make use of the Dine-around Program

The convenient and wonderfully refreshing Dine-around Program changes the way we see eating out whilst on holiday, as this unique system allows you to eat at any hotel and restaurant that takes part in the program. No more boring buffets every day and you won’t be stuck with just one option inside your own hotel. You will get the choice of eating at numerous types of restaurants offering dishes ranging from Italian, Moroccan, Belgian, Indian and many more. Sounds too good to be true….but it’s not!


71. Explore the World-Class Marinas 

El Gouna’s – not one, but three – world class marinas are well worth exploring, as you will get to enjoy a superb selection of bars, shops and restaurants where you can chill, shop and feast on a selection of meals that suit your taste. These three marinas are named the Abydos marina, Abu Tig marina and the Abu Tig extension, which is designed to accommodate super yachts of the super rich. The luxurious yacht club compliments the three marinas perfectly, as it boasts a superb restaurant and numerous dining areas where you can enjoy beautiful views and their famous smoked salmon. Try it for yourself to discover what makes this destination so popular and luxurious.


72. Find your Glow at Sheraton Miramar


If you love to relax then you’ll find it hard to beat an evening at the Sheraton Miramar where you will be able to enjoy relaxation and wellness at their best. Enjoy a healthy drink as you arrive for the evening and sit back and relax as you are treated to a neck, hand or foot massage from one of the skilled therapists. Once you’ve experienced these kinds of massages, we are sure that you would have experienced a new level of relaxation and by the time you’re ready to head back to your room, you won’t have trouble getting straight to sleep.


73. Watch an Opera 

Opera El Gouna

Watch the Metropolitan Opera live on screen in El Gouna, which is a fantastic experience not to be missed by anyone who appreciates musical theatre. This unique opportunity will give you the chance to see some famous Opera shows, which aims to boost the cultural attraction of the resort and helps to increase awareness of how amazing El Gouna truly is.


74. Playtime at Cheeky Monkeys

Cheeky Monkeys El Gouna

If you want to keep the kids happy, let them burn off some energy at the Cheeky Monkeys all seasons’ facility, where they can enjoy a selection of fun activities, which will keep them busy for a good while. Open throughout the year, this air-conditioned building offers a playground, slides, swings, a trampoline, as well as an outdoor football pitch, picnic area and mini-golf. They won’t be short of things to do here, so why not come along and let them have some fun.

75. Take a Beautiful Sunset Walk on the Beach

Sunset El Gouna

There’s nothing more romantic than taking a walk on the beach whilst gazing at the beautiful sunset. The glistening water will reflect the colours from the fading sunlight, helping to create a wonderful atmosphere that’s hard to beat. The sand will feel soft under your toes and the water will feel warm from the day. Take your time as you stroll along the shores and take in that special moment of peace and relaxation. It’s a great experience for everyone, so even if you bring the kids along they are sure to enjoy it to and have a peaceful evening before heading to bed.


76. Wind Surfing

El Gouna Sports - Windsurfing

No matter where in the world you are, wind surfing is such a great water sport. Gliding across the shimmering waters of the Red Sea whilst the wind pushes you should definitely be on your list of things to do in El Gouna.


77. Organic Farm

El Gouna Organic Farm

El Gouna has been awarded the prestigious title as being Egypt’s most environmentally friendly holiday destination. They have a zero waste policy and it’s so refreshing to see such environmentally friendly efforts made by a holiday resort. You can pick up some locally grown organic produce from their organic farm and shop and it’s well worth visiting just to see how much effort all the workers in El Gouna put in for such a great cause.


78. Ride a Tuf Tuf Shuttle Bus to the Beach

Tuf Tuf El Gouna

One of the many ways to get around El Gouna is by riding the Tuf Tuf shuttle buses. You can buy a day ticket for only 5LE (50p) which you can use up to 1am. A weekly pass costs just 20LE (£2) which is well worth the money as it enables you to access the whole of El Gouna and see all of the stunning sights.


79. Get Lost Downtown

Downtown El Gouna  

Go and get lost Downtown where you can take in some beautifully crafted architecture. Winding alleys swooping through courtyards, and brightly coloured high-domed buildings just waiting for you to explore.


80. Enjoy the Nightlife in El Gouna

Abu Tig Nightlife

The Abu Tig Marina is the place to be if you love a good night out! There are a number of bars here including Loca Loca, Mangroovy, Sandbar, DuPorts and Peanuts. Each of these offer something special and attract an excellent crowd who are friendly and up for having laugh.


81. Drink Tea with the Bedouins

No trip to El Gouna is complete with a trip into the desert and Red Sea mountains to see the Bedouins. Drink their herbal tea; which is made from herbs they grow in the mountains. Immerse yourself into their culture and wonder at how you yourself could live in such a place without technology or even a clean running tap.


82. Parasailing

Do you crave adrenaline-inducing action but don’t want to exhaust yourself with strenuous sports? No problem. Parasailing in El Gouna is the perfect solution that will let you see the resort from the sky as you are pulled behind a boat at speed. Sail through the air under your parachute and feel the excitement, as you sit firmly secured in your harness. There is no experience required for this, all you have to do is sit back and hold on tight as you are lifted into the air. Parasailing is currently only available at the Club Paradisio hotel.


83. Jeep Safari’s

If you’re going to do any excursion, make sure it’s the Jeep Safari! There is no better feeling than storming through the desert in a bumpy Jeep in search of your destination. There are many different tours available, but the most popular includes visiting a Bedouin village, trekking through the desert on a camel, clambering up one of the Red Sea Mountains to watch the sunset and having a BBQ in the middle of the desert as the night sky scrawls across leaving you with a view of the entire milky way. Ahhh…memories that will last a lifetime and all in one trip!


84. Try the Seafood at Many of the Marina Restaurants

Stitched Panorama

The benefits of visiting a resort on the Red Sea? The seafood! Try some scrumptious and freshly served fish from the Marina restaurants and you are sure to be left feeling more than satisfied. El Gouna’s restaurants are truly hard to beat, so make sure you sample some during your visit to really experience the taste of the sea.


85. Tuck into a Steak at the Captain’s Steakhouse

Captain's Inn El Gouna-Steakhouse_By_Night-M

As the name suggests, the Captain’s Steakhouse is well known for its juicy and succulent steaks. However you like your steak cooked – medium, rare or well done – you’ll certainly be impressed with the quality of meat and seasoning of El Gouna’s best cooked steaks! Maybe tuck into a platter (or two) and discover why it’s so popular. Don’t forget to Instagram us photos of your dish!


86. Take a Boat Taxi

In a lot of ways El Gouna is like a modern Venice, as lagoons, which can be navigated by taking a water taxi, separate much of the resort. These are a great way to not only travel but to also see much of the resort that you may not get to appreciate fully on land. It’s also fun and very relaxing when cruising across the calm waters. Simply pay as you go or pay for a cheap weekly ticket, making getting around that much more convenient without any hassle at all.


87. Get Married

Wedding in El Gouna

If you’re heading to El Gouna for your honeymoon then you probably won’t need to worry about this part but if you’ve always wanted to get married somewhere warm, sunny and luxurious then this may be the option for you. Get married in El Gouna and return home with some exciting news to tell friends and family. Or maybe plan things well ahead and invite the whole family for a special reception and ceremony at the resort – what amazing photo opportunities you would have!


88. Dine like the Moroccans 

Dine like the Moroccans

It’s easy to see why the Abu Tig Marina is so popular with visitors, as it boasts a superb selection of restaurants, as well as bars and shops. If you love Moroccan cuisine or would like to try it for the first time, Mamounia is the place to go. This traditional Moroccan restaurant offers a fine selection of traditional dishes with delicious couscous and a selection of tajines among others. The interior is very well decorated, creating a traditional Moroccan atmosphere that can be enjoyed by all visiting El Gouna. It’s highly recommended and also part of the Dine-around program.


89. Dine like an Italian

Dolce Vita El Gouna

The Dolce Vita restaurant is a popular choice for those staying at the Three Corners Resorts as it boasts a wonderful menu filled with exquisite Italian dishes and tastes of the Mediterranean. If you love everything about Italian food then this is the place to be, as you are sure to be impressed with the freshness of the food, traditional taste and unforgettable atmosphere. Take the family here for a group meal or keep it intimate with just you and the other half, as it’s also ideal for romantic meals in the evening.


90. Tuck into an Indian Curry Overlooking the Marina

Tandoor El Gouna

Located in a mint coloured building by the marina is the only authentic Indian restaurant in El Gouna, making it a very popular place to be. The Tandoor restaurant serves up numerous dishes including tasty tandoori and a selection of delicious naan breads. Wash your favourite curry down with a local beer and enjoy the fresh taste. As you enjoy your meal you will be able to also enjoy wonderful views across the marina from the restaurants elevated position. Make sure you visit this fabulous place at least once during your holiday, as we are sure that you will love it.


91. Watch the International Squash Tournament

91. Watch the International Squash Tournament

For squash fans visiting El Gouna, the international squash tournament makes for excellent viewing, so why not try and watch this fantastic event for yourself. Whether you will be able to see it will depend on the time you’re visiting but if you’re in town when it’s on then it truly is hard to find a better past time. It’s fun, exciting and if you’ve never seen squash live before being played by seasoned professionals then we highly recommend it.


92. Visit during El Gouna’s Green Festival

El Gouna’s Green Festival

If you respect conservation efforts then a trip to the El Gouna’s Green Festival wouldn’t go a miss, as this was created to boost awareness of certain issues regarding the conservation of the Earth, as part of Earth Week. During this time you will be able to take part in various activities and volunteers are always welcome. This effort goes to show how the locals and many others care not only about El Gouna and Egypt but also the rest of the world as well. If you have any questions about the conservation efforts, feel free to bring them along.


93. Visit the Local Winery

El Gouna Winery

For those who love everything about wine there is a fantastic winery, producing incredibly tasty wine right in El Gouna. Take a visit to this fantastic winery and discover how this lovely stuff is turned from grapes into the good stuff. Although you may expect an old style winery, this place is extremely high tech with all the latest gear required to make high quality wine at its best. The fascinating process involved is well worth discovering and you never know, you may even get to taste some of the end product. Make sure you pay a visit on your next holiday to El Gouna.


94. Get Wet on the Slides at Rihana Resort

Waterpark El Gouna

If you’re lucky enough to be staying at either the Rihana Resort or  the Rihana Inn, there is lots of fun to be had on the water slides available in the pool area. Great fun for kids – and adults too – you’ll love getting wet and having fun under the scorching sunshine!


95. Swim in the Lagoon

Lagoon View El Gouna

A visit to the famous lagoons, wouldn’t be complete without going for a swim in one, so make sure you do just that before you leave. Wade in and start swimming through the beautifully blue waters or try out stand up paddling for an extra special experience. The water is warm throughout the year and although a little cooler in the winter, you will still be able to enter without much hesitation. The lagoons are filled with water from the Red Sea, so during your swim why not pop your head under the surface to see if there are any friendly fish swimming close to the sand.


96. Sunbathe in the shallow waters of Zeytouna beach

Zeytouna Beach

This popular spot is ideal for many, as it offers plenty of space where you can chill out and soak up the sizzling sunshine and shallow waters close to the shore – ideal for paddling in and even laying down and sunbathing in. This is a great way to relax and sunbath with a difference, as the lack of waves and strong current, means that you will stay just about where you want to. Also perfect for kids who are not strong swimmers!


97. Dive off the Pier at Zeytouna Beach

Zeytouna Beach

The long pier at Zeytouna beach travels out approx 400m from the shallow waters at the shore. At the end of the pier you can snorkel and see some beautiful sea life. If you’re worried about leaving your bags back on the beach, then take them with you to the end of the wooden pier, stash them under your towel and dive in! Don’t worry if you don’t have a snorkel mask, just simply dip your head into the crystal waters, open your eyes and you will be seriously impressed with what you find…and all for free!


98. Dive with Turtles

Spot a Turtle in El Gouna

El Gouna is right on the edge of the Red Sea meaning you will be in one of the best locations for diving. You can explore over 40 dive sites, which include incredibly beautiful coral reefs that can be reached within an hour by boat – and if you’re really lucky you can spot some turtles! These amazing creatures are some of the oldest on the planet and are common in the Red Sea due to the calm warm waters. If you spot one, do let us know via our Facebook page!


99. Take a Helicopter Ride over El Gouna

Helicopter View El Gouna

For those who don’t mind heights, take to the skies on a helicopter and see El Gouna from the only place you can see it all at once, the sky. This fantastic strip will carry you across the resort, allowing you to see your hotel and everything that lays around it, from one end of the resort to the other. See the desert to the rear and the glistening Red Sea to the front and if you really don’t want to forget the moment, take your camera along for the ride too. We’re sure you’ll have a fantastic ride even if you’re not a fan of heights.


And that’s a wrap! Why not set yourself a challenge during your next El Gouna holiday and see if you can do all of these 99 things before you head back home? Or if there’s any you think we should add, let us know by tagging @sunmaster_holidays with #99things on Instagram.