7 reasons why Tunisia should be your next holiday destination

Tunisia is enjoying a holiday renaissance. Bookings are on the up as the lure of sun, sea and sand is tempting tourists back to this gem of northern Africa.

The country offers a unique holiday experience thanks its fascinating towns, ancient ruins, wealth of delicious food and pristine beaches. That’s not all as you could have hours of fun off-roading in the Sahara desert or relax in a luxury 5-star hotel or even….actually, before we give the whole game away let’s explain properly why you should make Tunisia your next holiday destination.

Here are the reasons why you’ll be saying ‘marhabaan’ to Tunisia in 2018.

Miles upon miles of beaches


There is something a little special about waking up every morning and hearing the crash of nearby waves drift in through the window. Take a step out on to your balcony to cloudless skies, azure ocean waters and pristine white sand beaches for as far as the eye can see. This is what a holiday is all about, surely?

The coastal resorts of Hammamet and Skanes offer those soft white sands you crave. Let your stresses simply melt away as you get that golden tan that you will make you the envy of all your work colleagues upon your return. Maybe even get a little adventurous and try your hand at snorkelling or scuba diving.

Historical towns


What sets Tunisia apart from the more conventional package holiday destinations is the sheer beauty of its historical towns. Experience a completely different way of life wandering around the cobbled streets and stepping into the bustling markets and medinas.

These medinas date back to ancient times and are the perfect place to practice your haggling skills. Another must in Tunisia is visiting the Moorish mosques and especially the Great Mosque of Testour in Tunis which was originally built in 1631. The country is an adventure waiting to happen.

Gateway to the Sahara desert


Not many holiday destinations come with one of the natural wonders of the world on its doorstep but Tunisia offers visitors just that. Have the ultimate thrill ride as you hurtle across the soft dunes in a 4×4 or opt for the much more laidback approach and travel across the sands on the back of a camel.

It is an experience you will never forget and something you will never be able to stop talking back on your return.

The weather never fails to disappoint


When you’ve waited all year to go on holiday, the last thing you want is to be worrying about the weather – well, there are no such concerns when it comes to Tunisia. The country enjoys toasty temperatures all year round and once it gets to the summer months expect wall-to-wall sunshine.

This means you can plan those long days spent by the beach and guarantee a shimmering golden tan – the perfect holiday gift.

Culinary adventure


For the foodies among you, Tunisia has a range of unique dishes inspired by Mediterranean and North African flavours. Get your Instagram at the ready as you dive into delicate appetisers such as brik – a Tunisian staple of pastry filled with egg, parsley and tuna. Munch your way through the Tunisian take on couscous with lamb and vegetables or taste a classic tagine of potatoes, meat and eggs.

Wash it down with a drop of fig-based spirit Bouka, a date-flavoured liquer known as Thibarine or a traditional mug of mint tea.

Wealth of luxury resorts to choose from


If you really want to spoil yourself then you’re in the right place. Tunisia has a huge range of luxury, 5-star hotels that can add a touch of glamour to your stay. Wake up to ocean views in the popular resort of Hammamet, stroll down to a private beach, take a dip in the pool or even enjoy a pampering session at the spa.

Be treated like royalty from the moment you arrive and immerse yourself in the elegant surroundings these incredible hotels have to offer.

Check out latest range of 5-star Tunisia hotels here and read our blogs on our favourites here.

You can visit a real-life Star Wars set!


If this doesn’t have you booking your flights to Tunisia then nothing will – you can actually visit a real-life Star Wars set. Thanks to the country’s warm and dry climate, it made it a perfect location when filmmakers were choosing somewhere that would best replicate the planet of Tatooine.

There are filming locations dotted all across the country but fans will instantly be drawn to Chott El Jerid near Toezeur which acted as Luke Skywalker’s neighbourhood and was also used in the Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. If you love Star Wars (and even if you don’t) then Tunisia is an absolute must.

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