7 destinations perfect for an adventure holiday

Are you the type of person for whom just sitting back on a beach for a week or so isn’t your idea of a holiday? Do you crave adventure, a once-in-a-lifetime experience or being a little outside of your comfort zone? We know what you’re thinking.

Europe has some incredible landscapes that are just waiting to be explored whether that is the rugged volcanic terrain of Iceland or the majestic Norwegian fjords. However, some destinations we may consider to simply be package holiday resorts have the ability to surprise and give you that adventure you have been looking for.

Here are our favourite destinations for an adventure holiday.

Hiking in Gran Canaria


The Canary Islands may have the reputation of being the quintessential package holiday destination but these islands have a huge array of natural beauty; and none more so than Gran Canaria. Boasting an amazing coastline, dramatic landscape and an intriguing mix of palm-tree groves and pine forests, it is almost a miniature continent

Such is the diversity of this island; it is the perfect destination for hiking. Walk along coastal paths, visit the quaint villages and admire some breathtaking views in these unique surroundings. You will discover a side of Gran Canaria you never thought of before.

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Scuba diving in Larnaca


If you have ever considered scuba diving then there aren’t many better places to start than Larnaca. Sat on the southern Cypriot coast, the city is widely regarded as having one of the world’s best diving sites and with a host of schools available – this is an excellent place to try it for yourself.

Divers from all corners of the globe come to Larnaca to explore the famous Wreck of the Zenobia – a ro-ro ferry that sunk on her maiden voyage in 1980. No matter if you’re an amateur or professional diver, you can swim through the decks and remains of the vessel and enjoy a truly unique experience.

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Cycling in Barcelona

BarcaCycling (2)

We all love Barcelona but swap the tourist buses and the subway for a bicycle and see a different side to this cosmopolitan city. There are an abundance of popular cycling routes around the Catalan capital which will provide an alternative prospective on the city.

Venture up to the Montjuïc castle and take in the awe-inspiring view of the Port of Barcelona and the coastline. Weave your way through the streets of the Gothic Quarter to discover the likes of Placa Catalunya and Ciutadella Park and then, of course, there is the wealth of beaches. From the city hotspots to the quieter coves you can see what all the fuss is about.

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Trekking in Tenerife


When you think of Tenerife what is the word that tends to pop in your mind? That’s right – volcano. The island is home to El Teide, the highest summit in Spain and the largest volcano outside of the Hawaiian islands.

This dormant volcano is surrounded by the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Teide National Park making it an excellent place to explore. Trek through the forests seeing the diverse flora and fauna and clamber your way along the steep side of El Teide. It’s not every day you can say you climbed a volcano.

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Sea kayaking in Kefalonia


There is a certain magic about the Greek islands. Shrouded in mythology and complimented with vivid and luscious scenery it is hard not to instantly fall in love with them. Grace the largest of Kefalonia with your presence and explore its breathtaking coastline in a unique fashion – sea kayaking.

Paddle your way around the island’s west coast as part of the multitude of guided excursions. Gasp in awe at the limestone cliffs and wade through the crystal clear waters to find the sea caves of Dafnoudi. You’ll feel like you’ve earned a hearty meal at a tavern afterwards.

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Windsurfing in Rhodes


Take the adrenalin up a notch with windsurfing in the picturesque setting of Rhodes. The small peninsula of Prassonísi is attached to the main island by a sandspit which separates the Mediterranean and Aegean seas. As a result it has become an excellent spot for windsurfing.

Book into a class at one of the many schools surrounding the beachfront and get the rush of excitement at tackling the waves in such a dramatic setting. As adventure goes – this is right up there with one of the most exhilarating of activities.

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Walking in Sicily


From the adrenalin-fuelled experience of windsurfing in Rhodes, we’re ending with a slice of tranquillity in Sicily. The Italian island is home to the blissful Zingaro Reserve – a spot of outstanding beauty looking out onto the ocean.

You won’t find any car noise here just the whistling of the wind and the distant calls of seagulls and other interesting wildlife. It is an ideal place if you like walking holidays where you can spend the day wandering around admiring the vistas and trying to spot an elusive eagle. Read more about Zingaro Reserve in our dedicated blog piece here.

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