6 amazing natural pools you can actually swim in

There are certain places that simply take your breath away. Be it the Eiffel Tower looking down on Paris, the vast expanse of the Grand Canyon or the sunset over Santorini – these places create memories to last a lifetime.

Unique holiday experiences are waiting just around the corner. While making a splash in your hotel swimming pool is pretty fun, how about taking a dip in a natural outdoor pool? There are hundreds of cave pools, grottos and lagoons that provide those unforgettable moments that holidays are made for.

Frolic in the these inviting pools and enjoy some of the most dramatic backdrops you are ever likely to see. Here are some of our favourite natural pools that you can actually swim in.

Pamukkale – Denizli, Turkey


There is nowhere in the world quite like Pamukkale. Turkey’s Cotton Castle really has to be seen to be believed. Perched in the hills of Denizli on the southwestern tip of the country, the network of thermal pools once provided water for the ancient city of Hierapolis. The natural wonder has since become one of Turkey’s most popular tourist attractions.

From its blindingly white steps, you can gaze out on to the sprawling countryside as you dip into the warm, soothing springs. Alongside Pamukkale’s historical importance, it’s pools are said to have huge wellness benefits making a swim even more essential.

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Porto Moniz – Madeira, Portugal


The dramatic scenery of Madeira has attracted holidaymakers to this tiny Portuguese island for decades but while the high end hotels can offer luxurious swimming pools – nature has gone one better. In the northern town of Porto Moniz you will find the lava pools.

Given its location, Porto Moniz is battered by the Atlantic Ocean all year and it creates a great spectacle from the black basalt lava pools. Plunge into the heated waters and take a look over the Ilheu Mole island or the dramatic Lido pool. The rocks by the side have even been converted into a sun terrace – bliss.

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Krka National Park – Sibenik, Croatia


Venture through the vast greenery of Krka National Park and in the distance you will hear the enticing sound of crashing water. Carry on your trail through one of Croatia’s most beautiful nature reserves and you will encounter the majestic Topoljski waterfall.

Step into the lagoon-like pool of Skradinski and bathe in the peaceful tranquility of the park. As you float along the warm waters you can listen for the distant calls of the wildlife that call Krka National Park home. Is this paradise? It feels a lot like paradise.

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Charco de la Laja – San Juan de la Rambla, Tenerife


The Canary Islands are famed for their volcanoes. The mighty El Teide looms large on the Tenerife skyline providing a permanent reminder of the island’s formation. It has left a lasting legacy on Tenerife ranging from the black sand beaches to the inviting volcanic rock pools.

One of the best is in the quaint village of San Juan de la Rambla – Charco de la Laja. Take a stroll along one of the bustling streets and the pool will present itself. Take a dip in the inviting waters and enjoy a picturesque view over the Atlantic Ocean – there are even a handful of bars and restaurants close by.

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Blue Grotto – Biševo, Croatia

Blue Cave of Bisevo

Famous pirates such as Blackbeard and Long John Silver would have considered Blue Grotto to be the perfect spot to hide booty. The secluded spot on the Croatian island of Biševo exudes an incredible sense of calm, cut off from the outside world – ideal for when you’re planning which ship to plunder next.

The walls of the cave are illuminated by light reflected off the water bathing the entire cave in a silvery blue tone. The only sound you can is the quiet droplets making the tiniest splashes in the expanse below. Blue Grotto is an absolute must when visiting Croatia.

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Cenote Azul – Playa del Carmen, Mexico


Mexico’s Quintana Roo region is home to some breathtaking sights whether it is the imposing monument Chichen Itza, the Tulum ruins or the mighty Mayan River. However, none of these can match the experience of swimming in a cenote.

These underground caverns are unlike anything you’ve seen before. Formed as limestone caves in, the cenotes are filled with fresh or sea water and make for incredible swimming sites. Paddle beneath the dancing lights as the turquoise of the water is reflected onto the walls – it is a moment you will simply never forget.

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