50 Shades of Holiday Romances

It’s Valentine’s Day today and whether you’re eating ice cream from the tub after a recent break-up, or you’re a singleton looking for love…have no fear because our Sunmaster resident Love Doctor is here to give you some top tips on finding that ever-so-exciting, heart pumping holiday romance. Over to you Doctor Love…

“There’s no need to feel down about being single on Valentine’s Day, as it’s a well-known fact that singletons have much more fun, especially when looking for that special someone abroad.” says Doctor Love.

“If you’re planning on experiencing a holiday romance, take a look at our guide for some hints and tips on where to go, who to go with and what you can do to help keep the flame of desire burning once you’ve come home again.”

Best places to go if you’re single

“European destinations are the obvious choice when it comes to finding love, as there are many romantic places where you could meet the partner of your dreams. Top European cities are always a safe bet but according to a survey Majorca is one of the most popular romantic destinations and best of all, it’s only a couple of hours away by plane! “

“Our recommended destinations also include Malta, Greece, Tunisia, Portugal, Turkey and Spain, all of which are prime spots for finding that special someone. These are thriving, popular destinations at any time of year, so you’ll be able to mingle with plenty of new and interesting people.”


Who to go with

“You may think that it would be the obvious choice to go alone but it seems that you’ll stand more of a chance at finding love abroad if you travel with friends or family.”

“Having your mates around can help you welcome people you meet into a friendly, sociable circle, where just being by yourself can feel quite awkward. Let your friend’s help you break the ice but be wary of any embarrassing stories they plan on telling. Friends will help you come across, as a friendly and approachable individual and it will give you the perfect chance to make an excuse to spend some time alone together with your new love interest.”

“Don’t be put off by those family holidays, as having your parents around can also act as a comfort to those getting to know you. Just make sure you plan your meetings well, as there’s nothing worse than mum and dad dropping in ‘hilarious’ stories from when you were younger.”

“Alternatively, simply getaway by yourself and maintain full control over your own holiday. This will give you the independence you need to do what you want to do and will give you more time to look for your perfect partner.”

Long distance relationships – How to keep that flame burning!

“If you’re lucky enough to meet someone special whilst on holiday but unlucky when it comes to distance when you go home – don’t worry, because it doesn’t have to end there. The secret to keeping the relationship going is to make sure you keep that flame alive.”

“One of the best ways is to talk to your new lover regularly and always mention the plans you have for when you next meet up. However, a survey suggests that it may not be best to use social media, as profiles don’t always provide an attractive insight into people’s lives. 52% of people quizzed said that things they find out about their lover online caused them to breakup before even meeting up again.”

“Another survey found that of the 10% of relationships that last longer than a year 83% live less than 40 miles apart. But don’t let that put you off, as it also found that one in a thousand relationships results in marriage!”

“The best way is of course to actually go out again and visit them in person at some point, mentioning how excited you are to see them again and once you do, you’ll get a real feeling for whether it’s going to work or not.” says Doctor Love.


Short term or long term?

“Whether you’re looking for a romantic fling or a long-term thing that leads to marriage, there’s someone out there for you.” advises Doctor Love.

 “We understand that you may not know what you want or just want to see how it goes with your new partner. There’s no need to rush things and make sure you aren’t too pushy – but it’s always best to let the other person know what you want and how you feel. Spend as much time together as possible, as this will let you get to know them a little better.”

 “Whether you’re taking a break from uni or enjoying your retirement, you can find love at any age. According to a survey, 1 in 5 people over sixty ended up marrying their new partner whilst those in their twenties were most likely to have a short term fling.”

 To stand a chance at finding love abroad, book one of our special deals for singles here and don’t forget to put our holiday romance guide to the test. 

 Although, for best results, maybe include your mates in on the trip and let them help you find that special someone.