5 reasons why you should buy travel insurance early

Booking a holiday is an exciting experience. You spend hours picking a destination perusing the internet or brochures, deciding on your hotels and then making that purchase.

You’re all set. Now all that remains is to go shopping and pick out some new clothes, pop to the currency exchange and, of course, check your passport is still in date. However, there is one important aspect of your break that may get forgotten in all the feel-good holiday vibes – travel insurance.

It may not be the most glamorous part of planning a holiday but purchasing a suitable cover package in advance can help save you a lot of hassle. Here are five reasons why you should purchase travel insurance early.

It pays to have cancellation cover


We can never predict the future and, unfortunately, there are rare occasions which prevent us from going on holiday. This is where purchasing travel insurance early really pays off. Many policies will include cancellation cover as part of your overall package, so should the worst happen and you’re not able to go on holiday, you may not lose your money.

Purchasing travel insurance as soon as you’ve booked means you will be able to safeguard yourself should you need to cancel. Of course, check the fine print of your policy to see the various restrictions that may be applied.

Amendments can be made


In the build-up to your holiday circumstances may arise where you need to make adjustments to your insurance policy. This is one of the benefits of buying early. All insurance providers are required to allow a free review of their policies usually within a 10-14 day period.

This means that if you need to add any extra clauses this can be made possible. Maybe you want to try out horse riding, surfing or kayaking while you’re on holiday; if you’ve purchased early enough you will be able to add these activities to your policy.

You can secure specific coverage


One of the main benefits of purchasing travel insurance immediately after you confirm your holiday is that certain types of cover can then be secured. There are a number of circumstances that require a policy to be bought as soon as possible following a sale such as having a “pre-existing medical condition”.

By purchasing your travel insurance soon after your holiday, it means you can guarantee a level of flexibility with your cover.

Getting a better deal


Giving yourself more time to decide which travel insurance package to purchase opens up a number of opportunities. You can hand pick the policy right for you whether that be single trip cover or annual cover, the latter provides coverage for however many trips you take within 12 months.

You can then decide which makes the most financial sense and make your decision accordingly. In many cases booking in advance will help to secure a better deal.

Protecting against the unknown


The entire crux of insurance is to safeguard against any unforeseen mishaps so the earlier you have it in place, the easier it will be to deal with anything that crops up. Need to cancel at the last minute because of a medical emergency? No problem. Want to add any extra baggage or, even worse, happen to lose some your luggage? Don’t worry about it. Need to add or remove any passengers from the booking details? Not a problem.

Accidents can happen when you least expect it so having your travel insurance in place will help put your mind at ease.

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