5 reasons to treat yourself to a 5-star holiday this year

We all like enjoying the finer things in life every now and then. Those moments we treat ourselves that can put an extra spring in your step.

It could be something as simple as buying a nice lunch to perk up a working day, dining out at your favourite restaurant or finally getting that dress you have always wanted. We put a tremendous amount of importance on our holidays, we work hard all year and getting away for a week or two is our reward. Naturally, we want to ensure everything is absolutely perfect.

Since it is the most important event of the year, why not go the extra mile and opt for 5-star? A stay at a luxury hotel is on many people’s holiday bucket list but why should you choose the best of the best for your next getaway? We have a couple of reasons…

Choose from some of the world’s best hotels

Whenever Hollywood releases the latest spy thriller you always see 007 and cavalcade of shady looking villains making rendezvous in glamorous hotels. Have you ever gazed up at the silver screen as James Bond sips another Martini and think “I’d quite like to stay there”, go for 5-star and you can.

By treating yourself to a little luxury you can open your eyes to some of the world’s best hotels. Relax in a suite fit for royalty, step out on to a balcony overlooking a private beach or book yourself in for a pampering spa session. You could be in your very Hollywood blockbuster in these settings.

Tuck into gourmet cuisine 

Not only are you embracing the glitz and glamour and everything else that goes with a 5-star hotel, you can also sample some truly divine cuisine. When you can check-in to a hotel of this ilk you can expect the best of the best when it comes to food.

Michelin-star chefs hone their craft creating amazing menus that will bring your tastebuds to life. Picture yourself sitting in the restaurant of a 5-star resort on a Greek island. You have a view of the sun setting over the Mediterranean Sea and you have a plate of sumptuous local cuisine – could it get any better than this?

It’s not as expensive as you think

While 5-star hotels are always associated with extravagance and wealth, it does not mean that your luxury getaway has to break the bank. There are a huge amount of 5-star resorts across Europe and further afield that can suit all budgets.

Destinations such as Turkey, Morocco and Portugal have affordable 5-star resorts that suit all budgets. You can take your pick from the finest suites in exotic locations and, thanks to All Inclusive options, you can really indulge.

Check out our range of 5-star resorts here.

Tick an experience off your bucket list

Some people like to spend their holiday skydiving or swimming with dolphins to achieve that life goal they thought could be unattainable. For some of us, however, the thought of living in the lap of luxury for week or two can finally tick off a major item on our bucket list.

While it may seem something relatively minor compared to scaling a mountain or snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef, it will be an experience you will never be able to stop talking about.

You deserve a treat

For all those long days at the office, for all those morning commutes through the wind and the rain and for all those times you manage to miss the bus – this is your reward. You have worked hard all year so you deserve the treat of a 5-star holiday.

When you’re sitting in a hammock sipping an ice cold cocktail on a deserted beach under a cloudless sky, you know it all be worth it. This is the life.

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