5 Cheaper Alternatives to the Maldives

If you’ve always wanted to experience the luxurious paradise of the Maldives but you don’t like the hefty price tag attached to such destinations, keep reading, as we’ve put together five fabulous locations that are incredibly similar but most importantly, much cheaper.

1. El Gouna, Red Sea

el gouna

If you want nothing more than a luxurious holiday in a coastal paradise, with clear blue waters and waterside accommodation without having to pay out on the Maldives then the resort of El Gouna is for you! This private resort in Egypt is only accessible to guests and staff, ensuring that you have a safe and comfortable experience.

The Panorama Bungalows Resort offers luxurious over-the-water bungalows just like the Maldives with everything you need and only a short walk from soft sandy shores– the only difference? They’re a fraction of the price! El Gouna is also an ideal place for scuba diving. In fact, the Red Sea is the world’s most popular diving destination, with diving and snorkelling opportunities that are even better than the Maldives! You can also have the chance to swim with wild dolphins. Simply put, why dive in the Maldives when you can dive in the Red Sea for a quarter of the price!

You can stay at the Panorama Bungalows, El Gouna from as little as £302pp, including flights from Manchester and transfers. This price is based on an all inclusive, 7-night stay in the sea-view bungalow in November 2014. Contact us on 01274 414243 to get this amazing deal.  

2. Cape Verde


Often confused with the Canary Islands, the islands of Cape Verde sit approximately 1,000 miles to the south of the Canaries, off the western coast of Africa. This places them closer to the equator giving you sizzling sunshine throughout the year and no rainy season! Bury your feet in the soft white sand beaches along the coast of each island and relax on your very own beach bed with straw umbrella for when you need a break in the shade.

You will also find bungalows that sit just off shore supported by large wooden stilts, something that the Maldives is famous for. These give you ultimate privacy and your very own 360-degree swimming pool just like in the Maldives!

You can stay in a Superior Bungalow at the Oasis Belorizonte hotel in  Cape Verde for 7-nights, on an all inclusive basis for as little as £572pp. Flying from London Gatwick on 1st December 2014. Call Sunmaster on 01274 414243 to secure this amazing deal.  

3. Dominican Republic

palm and sea

If you jet off in the opposite direction to the Maldives, you will come to the incredibly popular (and naturally stunning) Caribbean Sea. This is where you will find the paradise that is the Dominican Republic, which boasts white sandy beaches, clear warm waters and lush greenery across the inner part of the island. This is most definitely any holiday goers paradise, with countless opportunities to relax and work on your tan, while having the opportunity to stay active with the watersports, walks and cycling!

There are plenty of luxurious waterside accommodation options available without the hefty Maldives price tag and when you get the chance to sit back and take in your surroundings, you will no doubt be surprised at how similar it is to the Maldives! If you’re not planning on bringing the kids along, why not try one of the adult only hotels and don’t forget to try the excursions, such as a hike to the Caribbean’s highest mountain peak, which can be found on the island, so you can see the stunning natural landscape in all its glory!

You can stay at the stunning Viva Wyndham Dominicus Beach resort in a bungalow, all inclusive for 7 nights this October for as little as £803pp. Return flights from Manchester and transfers are also included – if you’d like to secure this deal please ring us on 01274 414243.

4. Cancun, Mexico


You will be forgiven for mistaking the beaches of Cancun to those of the Maldives, as they are equally pretty much identical! The soft white coral sand feels amazing under bare feet and the shaded beach beds are just what you need when it’s time to relax in the shade after a session in the sun.

Head out into the crystal clear waters and try out some of the extreme watersports that the Maldives is also famous for. Parasailing, windsurfing and more are available for you to try and when it’s time to chill, head back to your high-rise hotel and enjoy the views across the sea or stay in the low rise hotels and bungalows close to the sea to get that Maldives feeling!

You can stay at the beautiful and unique Bel Air Collection resort in a Deluxe Terrace including a hammock (and the possibility of a hot tub) for only £788pp. This is based on a 7-night all inclusive stay flying from Manchester on 29th October (including transfers). If you’d like to book this deal please ring us on 01274 414243.     

5. Fethiye, Turkey


The district of Fethiye can be found along Turkey’s beautiful Turquoise Coast, which got it’s name from the stunning turquoise colour of the water. With unique sandy beaches like the ones close to the town of Olu Deniz and its stunning Blue Lagoon, Fethiye definitely gives the Maldives a run for its money.

As well as having a superb selection of water sports like the Maldives, Fethiye also offers many hiking opportunities thanks to its vast landscape, something that the Maldives lacks. It’s also the ideal place to try paragliding and there’s nothing more visually stunning than seeing the Blue Lagoon from hundreds of feet in the air!

You can stay at the Letoonia Club and Hotel Resort in a Bungalow room for only £691pp. This price is based on an all inclusive stay for 7 nights starting 29th August 2014; and includes transfers and flights from Leeds Bradford. If you’d like to book this deal please ring us on 01274 414243.