2017 named safest year in aviation history


For many people flying can be a stressful experience. They get the jitters at the slightest noise and have an overwhelming sense of relief when the wheels touchdown and they have reached their destination in one piece.

If you are a nervous flyer, you can take comfort in knowing that 2017 was the safest year in aviation history, according to figures from the Aviation Safety Network (ASN). The organisation, which charts air traffic accidents, stated that there was not a single fatality involving a passenger jet over the past 12 months.

In total there were just 10 fatal crashes involving commercial flights, resulting in 44 deaths. While this figure may seem high, in the same period in 2016 there were 303 deaths in 16 crashes. It makes 2017 the safest year to travel by plane.

It has highlighted the dedicated safety improvements airlines have been making over the past few decades. Aircraft safety systems have become increasingly sophisticated to ensure they can safely fly in even the most adverse conditions.

Harro Ranter, president of the ASN, said in a statement: “Since 1997 the average number of airliner accidents has shown a steady and persistent decline, for a great deal thanks to the continuing safety-driven efforts by international aviation organisations such as ICAO, IATA, Flight Safety Foundation and the aviation industry.”

The news of aviation’s safest ever year even reached the President of the United States of America, Donald Trump. President Trump took to Twitter to seemingly take credit for the feat.

“Since taking office I have been very strict on Commercial Aviation. Good news – it was just reported there were Zero deaths in 2017, the best and safest year on record!” the president tweeted.

Despite President Trump’s claim, aviation experts disagreed stating that there was little evidence to suggest that the president had anything to do with the figures.