The 13 Scariest Places on Earth

What better way to end our week-long series of spooky posts in the run-up to Halloween, than with The 13 Scariest Places on Earth! Included in this list are haunted houses, abandoned cities, bone filled catacombs, deadly forests and voodoo markets. Take a look to find out where these spooky places are located and decide which one you would most like to visit.

The Door to Hell, Turkmenistan


When it comes to scary names, they don’t get much scarier than the door to hell! It’s hard not to actually believe this could be a burning entrance to the underworld. It is actually a natural gas source, which was ignited by engineers in 1971and has since been burning. It looks like a big burning hole in the ground and can be found in Ahal Province in Turkmenistan should you fancy a look sometime.  

Kryziu Kainas, The Hill of Crosses, Lithuania


Another daunting place that’s well worth visiting if you’re up for a scare, is the Kryziu Kainas aka Hill of Crosses. Located close to the Lithuanian city of Siauliai, is where you will find this low lying hill, which is covered in literally thousands of crosses, crucifixes, effigies and other spooky things. These give it a real haunting appearance especially at night; and if that doesn’t make you feel uneasy – no one knows who or why they are placed there. Maybe it’s meant to keep something at bay? Maybe something evil buried deep beneath the hill? Who knows…  

Akodessewa Fetish Market, Togo


If you’re thinking about studying voodoo then you’ll need ingredients to cast those all important spells, which is why you should pay a visit to the Akodessewa Fetish Market in Togo. This is literally a one-stop-spooky-shop for all things voodoo, giving you the right items to invoke the right spirits at the right time. Browse the stalls and see skulls, skins, tails and other parts of what are considered to be the most important animals to use in these rituals. If you’re an animal lover, it is truly one of the creepiest places you will ever experience!  

Hoia Baciu Forest, Romania


This infamous forest is said to be the most haunted forest on the planet and since it boasts a location within Transylvania in Romania, it all seems to make perfect sense! It’s not just Dracula you’ll have to worry about if you step into the dark. Beneath the trees there have also been many reports of ghostly ghouls, spooky apparitions and weird looking faces in photographs! It’s not all about the supernatural though, as many have reported seeing UFO’s in the area as well, leading us to believe that not all is what it seems within this woodland.  

Oradour-sur-Glane, France


The village of Oradour-sur-Glane in France still stands as a haunting reminder of a fate that might have been in store for all of us. On the 10th of June in 1944, German-Waffen-SS soldiers brutally massacred the 642 inhabitants of the village, including women and children, as they marched through. Since then the village has been left relatively untouched as a chilling memorial to those who were killed that day. Ruined buildings sit without doors and roofs and rusted cars can be seen throughout the streets. A walk through this place will soon have the hairs on the back of your neck standing on end.  

Abandoned Takakanonuma Amusement Park


The only scary part of an amusement park is usually the haunted house but if you ever pay a visit to the Takakanonuma Amusement Park, in the mountains north of Tokyo, you will experience an all-round super scary experience! This huge amusement park was abandoned in 1999 after it repeatedly failed to become a success. Many blamed the poor location, which is still relatively unknown, but some blamed the unusually high death rates caused by faulty rides. Some say it has now been demolished but it is also reported that a British photographer made it there, only to disappear shortly afterwards.  

Aokigahara Suicide Forest


If you enter this forest, don’t expect to get out alive. That’s the warning given by many who have experienced the darkness within for themselves. Located at the base of Mount Fiji in Japan, the forest is the second most popular place for suicides on the planet, making it a very haunting destination indeed. If you stroll through the overhanging trees that block out the sun, it won’t be long before you come across the remains of those that have died, who may have laid there for many, many years. Authorities say the forest is simply too deep to clear out the remains but most fear what might happen to them if they enter. Would you?  

Pripyat, Ukraine


As far as abandoned places go, this is one of the creepiest, as it’s an entire city that has been left to rot. The cause of this was the devastating Chernobyl disaster in 1986, which saw all 49,000 residents evacuated. Strangely, Pripyat is only 2km from the plant, while the city of Chernobyl itself is 14km away. This made it extremely close to the nuclear fallout, which many said caused mutations in the wildlife, causing wolves to grow to monstrous sizes. Schools, hospitals, amusement parks (pictured) and homes stand derelict and overgrown with greenery. When the sun goes down, it goes to a whole new level of creepy.  

Tuol Sleng, Cambodia


In the capital city of Cambodia, Phnom Penh, is where you will find the notorious security prison known as Security Prison 21. The communist party Kampuchea (led by infamous dictator Pol Pot) used the prison to house inmates who were later executed. As you can probably imagine, life was pretty horrific for those inside, with torture being part of the daily routine. Due to the thousands of exterminations, the prison is now a Genocide Museum, which allows you the opportunity to put yourself in the position of the inmates for a short period of time.  

Maunsell Sea Forts, North Sea


The Maunsell Sea forts are a spooky attraction that is much closer to home than any of the others. Built close to the Mersey and Thames estuaries during the second world war, their sole purpose was to help defend the land from German invaders should they choose to attack from the sea. Thankfully they were never used for what they were built for and were decommissioned in the late 1950’s. Since then, they have stood abandoned, with no long-term use. Boat trips regularly visit the forts allowing you to see them up close and personal.  

Salem, The Witch City


We’ve all heard of the Salem witch trials, where those accused of being a witch were put to trial to determine their guilt. Unfortunately, the system put in place wasn’t exactly fair and saw twenty individuals executed for their involvement in witchcraft! Most were hanged but one met a far grizzlier end by being crushed to death! These took place from 1692 to 1693 not only in the city of Salem, Massachusetts, USA but also a number of other villages in the state. This horrendous past is still evident in logos seen around the town but thankfully witch trials are no longer in practice.  

The Parisian Catacombs, Paris, France


Beneath the world’s most romantic city is a place much darker than many of us could imagine. The Parisian Catacombs under the streets of Paris are a truly haunting place, with deep tunnels leading the way and even walls made of human bones! The tour of these catacombs lasts for approximately 45 minutes with 2km being covered during that time. It is estimated that the remains of between six and seven million Parisians are housed within the catacombs, making it one of the most eeriest places in the world.  

Myrtles Plantation, Louisiana


There’s nothing we love more than a good old-fashioned haunted house and at Myrtles Plantation in Louisiana, USA that’s what you’ll find! This creepy abode is said to be the home of around twelve spooks, which regularly cause ghostly mischief. It is said that the cause of the hauntings is an ancient Indian burial ground, which sits directly under the house. But others say it is the cause of numerous murders that have taken place there. One of the most famous ghosts is known as Chloe, a young girl you supposedly had her ears cut off for eaves dropping.  

Have you ever been to any of these unfortunate places? If so, let us know about your experience via our Facebook page and feel free to send us any photos you may have taken. If you could visit any one of these places for your holidays 2015, which would you choose?