12 Alternative Places to Propose

If you’re planning on popping the question but want to do it in style, take a look at our 12 alternative places to propose around the world and make that unforgettable moment extra special. Whether you like the idea of doing it under fireworks in Madeira, above the city of Athens, under Juliet’s balcony or inside a glowing cave, we’re sure you’ll love our recommendations.

Pamukkale, Turkey
Turkey holidays  

In Turkey’s Denizli Privince is where you will find the well known natural formation known as Pamukkale, a group of hot springs contained within travertine’s that look a lot like ice. These are in fact solid mineral deposits but the ice-like appearance creates a romantic setting, where you can quite easily surprise her with a proposal. In the warmth of the summer months you can swim in one of the springs, which are filled with ancient Roman columns. This is the ideal place, as you can dive to the bottom and pretend you’ve found a ring, seeing how long it takes for her to realise what you’re up to.

Bisevo Blue Cave, Croatia


As one of the most naturally stunning places in Croatia, the Blue Cave on the island of Bisevo makes the ideal place to propose. The sunlight causes the water to glow a beautiful shade of blue, giving you a magical and romantic setting to pop the question. Hire a boat, enter the cave and when the water starts to glow, get down on your knee and ask away. Summer is the best time to do it, as the glow will be at it’s strongest but times are restricted from around 10am to 1pm, so make it sooner in the day rather than later!

 Casa di Giulietta, Verona Italy


Juliet Blacony-compress We all know that romantic scene where Romeo serenades Juliet, as she listens from her balcony. So what better setting to propose than under the balcony itself? Tell her to stand on the balcony as you take a photo of her from below, but instead get down on one knee and really give her a surprise she wasn’t expecting. Juliet’s balcony can be found in the city of Verona, visit during summer for warm evenings, when the light starts to fade at dusk, as this makes the setting even more romantic. Maybe even quote a line or two from the famous story?

New Years Eve in Madeira


If a low key proposal after dinner isn’t really your style, why not pop the question beneath the beautiful sparkle of New Year fireworks! The New Year celebrations on the island of Madeira are second to none, as the atmosphere is thriving, with people enjoying the holiday season ready for the big show to bring in the New Year. As soon as the colour fills the sky and the crackles and bangs echo through the decorated streets, it will be time to add to the excitement by bringing out the ring, making that New Years kiss much more special.

 Santorini, Greece


Is there anything more romantic than watching a sunset with the one you love? We don’t think so, which is why the famous sunset of Santorini makes the perfect backdrop when popping the question. Oia Castle on the northern end of the island is where you can enjoy some of the best views of the sunsets. Summer will have clearer skies, but Santorini can be enjoyed all year round. Sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful moment the sun disappears beyond the horizon, as you pull out the ring ready to ask.

 Sicily, Italy


One of Sicily’s most famous ancient sites is the Ancient Theatre of Taormina, which is still remarkably intact considering its age. Its position high above the sea gives you excellent views of both land and sea making it an excellent place to propose. The summer is of course the best time to visit, as the sun will also help you to relax. Take a look around and then maybe sit together enjoying the view across the landscape, as you gently sneak that ring out of your pocket.

 Fethiye, Turkey


Break the mold by proposing under an array of brightly coloured umbrellas in the town of Fethiye in Turkey! The town has recently hung many of these umbrellas above a street in the town centre, which seem to glow as the sun shines down on them. Summer is the best time to visit, as the weather will be at its warmest and the skies at their clearest, helping to bring out the colours more. Take a romantic walk together in the shade of the umbrellas and when it feels right, ask her that all-important question.

 Lake Garda, Italy


On the wooded slopes of Monte Rocchetta above the town of Riva del Garda is the 16th century Bastione. This perfectly placed fortification, offers the ideal vantage point where you can enjoy a view of Riva with its many coloured buildings and the tranquil lake beneath it. The walk through the woods is great for getting to spend some time together and when you experience the beautiful views for yourself, you will see why it makes the perfect location to propose.



You may not think of Ibiza as a perfect place to propose but it most certainly is, especially if you visit Café Mambo on a summers evening. This is when you will be able to see the most talked about sunset in Europe, with low-level unspoilt views across the sea and sweet Ibizan tunes flowing out from the bar. Position yourself on the rocks in front of Café Mambos for a more secluded atmosphere where you can quite easily ask her to marry you as the colours of the sunset fill the sky and the sun literally sinks into the sea.

 Lycabettus Hill, Athens


Considered to be the birthplace of western civilisation, Athens is filled with beautiful historic sights that help to tell the tale of its famous past. The ancient Greek architecture has a certain romantic look, creating an atmosphere that will work perfectly with your planned proposal. Thankfully you won’t have to worry about choosing a certain street, as you will be able to see the entire city from Lycabettus Hill, which stands high over the city. Reduce the chances of experiencing rain by visiting during the summer. Go up in the evening to witness an amazing sunset and an exquisite view to set the scene as you get ready to change your life for the best.

 Zakynthos, Greece


If cities, mountainsides and fireworks just don’t feel right, why not pop the question on the soft sand of Navagio beach on the island of Zakynthos? This cove (also known as Smugglers Cove) is hidden away just offshore and is only accessible by boat making things a little more exciting. The large shipwreck in the centre of the sand adds to the atmosphere and once you have your loved one relaxed and soaking up the sun, surprise her with the ring you’ve kept hidden. Since you will be on the beach, summer is definitely the best time to visit!

 Parc Guell, Barcelona


The beautiful city of Barcelona is full of surprises, with attractions such as Parc Guell, a public park, which is filled with stunning architectural pieces by famous architect Antoni Gaudi. The pieces are colourful and have a fairy tale like appearance, adding to the romantic atmosphere of the park. The main terrace features the best mosaic work in the park, making it the ideal place to propose. Make sure you visit during the warmer months of summer if you want the sun shining down, as you get down on one knee, pull out the ring and surprise your love.

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