11 things that always happen on a family holiday

No matter whether you’re touring the Appalachian Mountains, caravanning in Cornwall or booking into an all inclusive resort in Tenerife there are certain quirks to a family holiday that happen every time you go away.

It is always a special occasion when the whole clan gets together and jets off for a week of adventure. The week or two where you’re stuck together, exploring a new destination and spending quality time as a family (well, that’s what your Mum says anyway). As you start to look ahead to that 2018 break, we’ve found a few things that always happen on a family holiday.

You buy at least one pool inflatable


Those beachside shops with their huge range of inflatables sure are enticing, aren’t they? At no other point in your life have you wanted to buy a doughnut rubber ring or a huge floating flamingo. You will instinctively pay whatever price possible to ensure that you are the king of the hotel pool.

Come the end of the holiday you face a choice – leave the inflatables to float forever in the pool or bring them home. Inevitably, you now have an airing cupboard populated by deflated dolphins and lilos.

You feel compelled to build sandcastles


Just before you hand over the cash for your inflatable flamingo, you spot something out of the corner of your eye. It’s a bucket and spade; you are buying the bucket and spade. Hours of endless fun lie ahead.

Build your own little fort, create an architectural masterpiece, bury Dad, erect a wall to stop the tide from getting in or simply dig a big hole – unadulterated fun in its purest form.

You get ripped off somewhere


Uh oh, Dad’s just got the cheque and he is not happy. His face is awash in crimson red, he has a look of bemusement, confusion and outright anger. He’s scanning around the table at the large beer, a mineral water and two cans of lemon Fanta and trying to comprehend why he’s just paid €28.

He’ll seethe for the rest of the day but this is just the magic of a family holiday and you’ll know not to go to that cafe on the promenade again.

You find your favourite restaurant of all time


Aside from feeling out of pocket, the main reason your dad is really annoyed is because he wanted to go to that tapas place you found last night. It happens every holiday; you manage to stumble upon a restaurant which quickly becomes an all-time favourite.

The food is incredible, the staff are friendly and you have the time of your lives. You get to know the owner by name and go back at least three times in the same holiday. It’s the main reason you’ve picked this holiday destination.

You get lost while driving your hire car


In the spirit of adventure, your family have hired a car and are intent on going “exploring”. There’s a national park about an hour’s drive away and you are going to see it.

Then someone has the bright idea of taking the “scenic route”, cut to three hours later and you’re driving around the same mountain for the fourth time. You finally arrive at the park but just as its closing for the night and you can’t remember the route back to the hotel – perfect.

You take an awkward group photo outside a famous monument


No matter if it’s the Eiffel Tower, the Grand Canyon, the Brandenburg Gate, the Leaning Tower of Pisa or that statue of Eric Morecambe on the Lancashire coast – you will have a series of uncomfortable looking family photos outside a famous monument.

Your mum is hurriedly trying to get you all in place before flagging down a passer-by to take the snap. “Smile!” she demands and, hey presto it’s done. It’ll be framed and placed on the mantelpiece until the end of time.

You make new friends

Whenever you return home, your mum always wants to tell everyone about the new friends they met on holiday. It’s usually a family identical to your own with the dads bonding over a few pints and the mothers talk endlessly about something which, on the surface, looks really important but probably isn’t.

Luckily, the kids are spending time together in their own way – practicing bombing into the swimming pool.

You visit some kind of water park


Water parks are the ultimate family holiday activity silver bullet. Everyone likes a water park; the kids can run around taking on the slides while the parents can have a little time to themselves soaking up the sun.

Naturally, Dad will want to have a go on one of the slides. He’s picked the biggest, scariest one he can find. Subsequently, he won’t stop talking for the rest of the holiday about how he “conquered the Kamikaze”.

You have an intensely contested board game


You hadn’t really planned for one day of your holiday to be a complete washout but luckily someone has had the foresight for this eventuality and a deck of UNO cards has emerged. What ensues over the next couple of hours is possibly one of the most intense board games you’ll ever play.

You have a row

Is it really a family holiday until you’ve had a blazing row in a Spanish town square?

You create memories that last a lifetime


When you touch down on British soil and the holiday is over for another year. You’re left with the memories to cherish forever. You’ve created stories you will look back on and laugh countless times and, in the end, isn’t that what a family holiday is all about?

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