10 things you HAVE to do in Las Vegas

High up on many people’s bucket list, Las Vegas is all about glitz and glamour in the heart of Nevada. Unlike its surroundings of barren desert, Sin City thrives to the hum of roulette tables, slot machines and wowed audiences. Catch a show, hit the tables or dance the night away, Vegas is unlike anywhere else you will have been. Here is a selection of the things you simply have to do during your stay.

The casinos

It is pretty hard to talk about Las Vegas without mentioning the casinos. These are the proper James Bond style affairs that you’ve seen in the movies. In the space of an evening you could be hitting the slots of Caesar’s Palace, playing blackjack in MGM Grand before trying your luck on roulette at the Bellagio. You never know, play your cards right, and next time you come back you could be considered a high roller.


Catch a show

Everyone from Celine Dion to Barry Manilow to Elton John to The Killers performs in Vegas so catching a show during your stay is a must. While the stars of music are regularly in attendance there are also various stage shows such as Cirque du Soleil and the Broadway smash The Book of Mormon. That’s not forgetting the incredible magic shows from acts like Penn & Teller and many more.


The Strip

The beating heart of Las Vegas is the Strip. It has evolved so much over the years from a humble gas station to the iconic setting you see today. Lined with hotels, casinos, bars, restaurants and cinemas as far the eye can see, you can spend hours simply wandering up and down taking in the sights. There is never a quiet moment as tourists line the sidewalks while taxis and tour buses fly up and down, all adding to the hubbub that is Las Vegas.


Fremont Street

Fremont Street is regarded as the original Las Vegas dating back to 1905. Down from the Las Vegas Strip it features a downtown casino corridor. Famous casinos such as Golden Nugget, The Mint and Binion’s Horseshoe are situated here and become a hive of activity once the sun goes down. The Fremont Street Experience features an incredible light show and numerous free concerts, a sight clearly not to be missed.


Fountains of Bellagio

Arguably one of the most iconic sights in Las Vegas, the Fountains of Bellagio is another must-see in Vegas. Hundreds of carefully positioned jets fire gallons upon gallons of water into the air set against well-known tracks such as Viva Las Vegas, Time To Say Goodbye or Elton John’s Your Song to create a truly magical spectacle. To see them in all their glory and visit the Bellagio once the sun has set, where the show adds in impressive mood lighting to the mix.


Mojave Desert

Taking a break from the chaos of Vegas, head to the serene Mojave Desert. Despite being just over an hour away from the Strip, it feels like you’re in a different world. The picturesque setting and the eerie quiet of the desert makes it the perfect tonic to Vegas. Visit the national park or grab the camping gear to spend a night under the stars.


The Grand Canyon

You can’t go to Vegas without taking a trip to the Grand Canyon. Either hire a car and drive there or book one of the numerous excursions out to Arizona to see a wonder of the world. It can be a somewhat surreal experience seeing the huge gorge and you will be taken in by just how peaceful it is, as only the wind whistles through. Make it an unforgettable experience by taking a helicopter or plane ride over the canyon to see an amazing panoramic view.


Gondola ride through Venice

Stepping inside the Venetian Hotel it is like you’ve been transported to northern Italy. And how do you make this experience even more romantic? Then with a private gondola ride, of course. The hotel boasts its own Grand Canal with four or two-people gondolas available to hire, complete with a gondolier to give it that extra bit of authenticity. 


Indulge on the food

Las Vegas doesn’t like to scrimp when it comes to food. The city is home to an abundance of Michelin star restaurants as well as some more infamous joints. Why not test your mettle at The Heart Attack Grill? A hospital-themed burger restaurant where you can order anything from a Single Bypass Burger (one beef patty with bacon and cheese) to whichever number you feel you can handle. If you do indulge a little too much here, you might want a lie down afterwards.


Be witnesses at a wedding

Round off a trip to Vegas by being a witness at a wedding. In the land of the drive-thru wedding, and the quickie divorce, Sin City sees couples from all over the globe come to get hitched. A Little White Wedding Chapel is the most famous of the lot with celebrities such as Britney Spears tying the knot here. Strolling past and could end up having a front row seat to the happiest day in a couples’ lives, all part of the fun of Vegas.


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