10 things I’m going to do at the beach!

We know it probably feels like forever since you last stepped foot onto the beach, the feeling of the golden sand between your toes and the sound of the waves splashing back and forth, not forgetting the warmth of the sun while you forget about all of your worries. It won’t be long before we all get to experience that feeling again and we most certainly won’t take it for granted, so what will you do the next time you get to the beach? Here’s just a few ideas of what you should do once you’re at the beach again…



Have a picnic


With the serenity of the calming waves, beautiful views and sunny skies, it provides the perfect scene for a picnic! You can always find food shops and vendors nearby but why not do something different and pack yourself a picnic? Maybe a lovely family or friends picnic where everyone can contribute with lots of food! Or a romantic picnic as the sun sets and the breeze blows. 


Read my favourite book or magazine


Going to the beach is completely relaxing, especially when you’re under an umbrella enjoying the warmth and the sound of the waves. So why not pack yourself your favourite book or magazine while doing so? We can imagine how busy your regular schedule must be, so make the most of this relaxing opportunity.


Go surfing


We know relaxing at the beach may not be everyone’s cup of tea, especially those who seek adrenaline. That’s where water sports come in! Surfing if a great way to get out in the water and have an adventure. Take some surfing lessons or try another water sport that you may enjoy, like kitesurfing, kayaking, jet-skiing, water skiing or even a game of volleyball at the beach?


Meet people, make friends!


Holidays provide the perfect opportunity to meet new people and make new memories, and where is best to do that other than the beach? The beach is often packed with people, so there’s always the chance to make new friends. Take part in competitive games like volleyball or look out for some beach events!


Look for seashells/building a sandcastle


Who says only children can build sandcastles or look for seashells? Pick up some beautiful seashells and take them with you (if possible) or take some photos of them. But be careful as in some places, taking seashells may be illegal! Always look out for the sign.


Take photos!


The most important activity when going on holiday is taking photos. Holidays are memorable but what do you have to remember them by? Of course, lots of photos at the beach! Be sure to get those insta-worthy shots at the beach, with your phone or camera. Photos are a great way of capturing memories with your loved ones.


Write messages in the sand


Whether you’re confessing your love for someone, writing your initials or just a funny joke. It’s always fun to write some messages in the sand, whether they’re big or small! And don’t forget to take a picture of it before the waves wash it away. You can use this for postcards in the future.


Watch the sunset


Depending on if you’re an early bird, you can even choose to watch the sunrise. This is a great activity to do at the beach, because you’ll be sure to experience some surreal views. You’ll never get tired of a stunning view that’s for sure. Relax and take in the sunset or again, take some gorgeous photographs to show your friends or family.


Daydream or relax


And lastly, you’re at the beach. You can hear the sound of the waves. You can feel the warmth of the sun on your skin. All that’s left to do is close your eyes and relax. Imagine yourself travelling in the future, imagine how it would feel to have ten holidays at the beach, let your mind take you away! You can use your beach time to meditate, breath or even take a nap. 


Go swimming


Do you enjoy swimming? Maybe it’s been a while since you last had the chance to swim, it’s time to practice your swimming skills or just generally cool off in the water. Maybe enjoy a water fight or a splashing time with your loved ones.