10 Reasons you MUST visit Lanzarote

If you haven’t been on a Lanzarote holiday before then make sure you start planning one so you can experience all of the amazing things that this beautiful island has to offer. Explore vast lava fields, swim in warm turquoise waters, discover colourful underground caves, sunbathe on soft sand beaches and see if you can spot one of the many dolphins and whales off the coast. These are just a few of the things that you can get up to during your visit.

Timanfaya National Park

This huge national park is where you can explore a jaw-dropping volcanic landscape, with lava fields stretching out as far as the eye can see. Watch in awe as geysers blast scorching steam into the sky and take advantage of the guided walk to see more of the best bits. You can also enjoy a selection of food cooked over a volcanic vent at the parks restaurant.



The Green Caves (Cueva de los Verdes)

Once you’ve explored the surface of the island, head beneath it into the Green Caves aka Cueva de los Verdes, which are part of the 3000 year old Atlantida underground cave system. Around 2km is open to the public and lit with a selection of colourful lights. You’ll find a small lake within and also an impressive concert hall where performances are held.

The Green Caves (Cueva de los Verdes) sunmaster

The Beaches

You’ll find a variety of gorgeous beaches along the coast ranging from soft golden sand and Caribbean-like white sand to the more interesting and unique volcanic black sand beaches. The clear turquoise coloured waters gives a stunning contrast next to the black sand beaches, which although a little more coarse than its lighter counterparts offers a very pleasant sunbathing experience.

lanzarote beaches

The Weather

Expect sizzling temperatures, year-round sunshine and very low rainfall throughout the year with summer highs reaching well into the 30’s and winter average highs staying around the high teens to low 20’s. If you’re after some summer sun then this is definitely the place for you, so why not spend Christmas next to a palm tree instead of a Christmas tree!

lanzarote weather sunmaster

Cesar Manrique

Cesar Manrique is without a doubt the island’s most popular artist, as he created some of the most outstanding pieces of artwork and architecture that we see today. He was responsible for the transformation of Jameos del Agua, Mirador del Rio and the Cactus Garden among others, so make sure you take the chance to learn more about his work during your visit.


Cesar Manrique sunmaster holidays

Cactus Garden

Discover one of the world’s best collections of cacti by visiting the Cactus Garden (Jardin de Cactus) where you will find more than one thousand species on show. Wander the beautifully designed garden via winding paths and see if you can spot the giant metal cactus sculpture. It’s perfect for the whole family, as even the kids will love these prickly plants.  

Jardin de Cactus sunmaster holidays

Jameos del Agua

This popular attraction is an open air cave and part of the same cave system as the Green Caves. It was originally created when the roof of a cave collapsed and then later transformed by famous local artist Cesar Manrique into a swimming pool and an auditorium with gardens and also restaurants making it a top spot to visit during your holiday.


Mirador del Rio

Located on the northern end of Lanzarote almost five hundred metres above sea level is the Mirador del Rio, a unique viewing platform where you can enjoy outstanding views of the strait of El Rio and the island of La Graciosa. You’ll also find a shop and a cave where you can purchase refreshments and sit whilst enjoying the view out of the large windows.

Cesar Manrique sunmaster holidys

Whales & Dolphins Museum

The water around Lanzarote and the other Canary Islands is the only place in Europe where you can regularly see bottlenose dolphins, short-finned pilot whales, the rough-toothed dolphin, the Bryde’s whale and the Risso’s dolphin making it the prime spot for spotting these magnificent creatures and finding out about them at the Whales & Dolphins Museum, which features films, exhibits and more.

Whales & Dolphins Museum sunmaster holidays


Lanzarote’s varying sea makes it the perfect place for a variety of different watersports. Large waves on some parts of the island create a surfers paradise, while the calmer waters on others, allow waterskiing enthusiasts to glide across the water with ease. Scuba diving is also popular here thanks to the crystal clear waters and abundance of marine life, so why not learn while you’re there.

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