10 Reasons to Visit Malta

Take a look at our ten reasons to visit Malta and discover why it would make the perfect destination for your next holiday! From famous film sets and megalithic temples to natural wonders and colourful cathedrals, Malta is full of surprises with one at almost every turn!  

Popeye Village

Popeyvillage Have fun with friends and family at this popular entertainment complex, which was once the setting for the musical motion picture Popeye! Now one of Malta’s most popular attractions, the village hosts some fantastic shows from live singing with your favourite Popeye characters to puppet shows that the kids will surely love! Go for a boat ride around the bay and chill out for a while. You can read more about the Popeye Village here.  

Gozo Island

gozo Just off the northern shore of Malta is the large island of Gozo, which is where you will find the stunning Azure Window and the Blue Hole and it’s also a divers paradise, with many amazing dive spots. Check out the Inland Sea, a large lake formed by seawater seeping through an opening in the cliff. Visit the famous church of Ta’ Pinu and take a stroll through one of the many cities Gozo has to offer.  

The Blue Hole and the Azure Window

Malta_Gozo,_Azure_Window_(10264176345) Located on the nearby island of Gozo is where you will find these two famous formations! The Blue hole is a deep, watery hole right next to the sea, which is a divers dream! As you descend you will see Golden Cup coral and you can then exit via an underwater hole, which will lead you to the Azure Window, a large limestone arch standing high above the sea.  

Victoria Cathedral, Gozo

Cathedral_Victoria_Gozo_Malta This stunning cathedral known as the Cathedral of Assumption is located inside the huge Citadel in Gozo’s capital city of Victoria. It sits high above the city at the top of large stone stairs and the interior is beautifully decorated with marble floors, an awe-inspiring trompe l’oeil painting on the ceiling and stunning light-red coloured walls adorned with statues and gold! Simply breathtaking…  


237175003_1e3ceb387f_z The fine city of Valletta is the capital of Malta and it’s simply bursting at the seams with history! This is why it was one of the first UNESCO World Heritage Sites! It has everything for the modern traveller with shops and entertainment – but the history is the real attraction with an impressive cathedral, a palace, museums and much more!  

Blue Lagoon

Blue_Lagoon_and_Cominotto Between Gozo and Malta is the smaller island of Comino, which is home to the amazing Blue Lagoon! Here you will find supremely clear turquoise waters and beautifully soft white sand making it one of the best beaches in Malta! Swim in the shallow waters or simply soak up the sun on the sandy shore.  

Hal Saflieni Hypogeum

Hypogée_Hal_Saflieni This prehistoric underground burial site is definitely one of the most fascinating and unusual attractions in Malta! Since its discovery in 1902 the remains of around 7,000 people have been found here! The interconnecting rock chambers are spread over three levels with the earliest remains dating back to around 4,000BC!  

Marsaxlokk Fish Market

Malta_-_Marsaxlokk_-_Xatt_is-Sajjieda_-_Harbour_14_ies If you love seafood then head to the fishing village of Marsaxlokk where you will find the famous fish market offering a delicious array of freshly caught seafood at a very reasonable price! The locals catch all their stock on the day and the range of species on offer here is very impressive to say the least! Perfect for those self catering holidays.  

Megalithic temples

Malta_swiatynia The impressive prehistoric Megalithic Temples are some of the oldest ruins in Malta making them a must-see attraction! Check out the gigantic Bronze Age structures at the two temples of Ggantija and visit the temples of Tarxien, Mnajdra and Hagar Quin. Some date back as far as 3600BC, making them some of the oldest structures in the world!  


Ruth_Malta_Mdina_A-G_11.07_edited-2 Take a walk through the old city of Mdina and experience history at its best! The medieval walled town was once the capital of the island and it still stands proud to this day with many attractions such as the city cathedral, a number of beautiful chapels and a natural history museum! Oh and don’t forget about the Mdina Dungeons!  

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