The 10 Creepiest Ghost Towns Around the World

If you love giving yourself a scare why not visit one of our 10 creepiest Ghost Towns around the world where you will experience a seriously spooky atmosphere and many eerie buildings. From the shores of Italy to the scenic French countryside, you will be surprised where you will find these creepy abandoned towns.

Kayakoy, Turkey


Against the side of the Taurus Mountains in Turkey is where you will find the abandoned city of Kayakoy. This once thriving town looks like evidence of an ancient civilisation, with ruined buildings that appear to date back hundreds if not thousands of years. However, the events are much more recent after the city was deserted due to political reasons. The Greek Orthodox community that once existed here fled to Greece after Greece failed to win the Greco-Turkish war that lasted between 1919 and 1922. If you want to visit this deserted (but eerily stunning)  town, you can stay nearby at the resort of Calis Beach, which is only 26 minutes away from this spooky place! You can stay at the Nazar Garden hotel for 7-nights next year for as little as £166pp. 

Spinalonga, Crete

K 800px-Spinalonga

On the Greek island of Spinalonga lays a settlement with a very creepy past that took place not so long ago. On the shore of the island you will see a large Venetian fortress, which is a stones throw away from the infamous leper colony, one of the few left in Europe at the time. After the last leper left the island, it became a popular tourist spot, attracting those who wish to experience the eerie chill in the air. If you want to visit this creepy isle stay at the resort of Istron, which is only 34 minutes away. 

Pompeii, Italy pompeii2pompeii

The infamous Italian city of Pomeii is known across the world, as the once thriving Roman town that fell victim to the disastrous eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79AD. As the volcano erupted, tons of burning ash descended on the town at great speed, approaching so fast some of the residents were still asleep when the ash hit. There were countless deaths but many of the buildings were preserved under it. Many of these structures have now been excavated, allowing you to see them for yourself. The beautiful city of Naples is only 20 minutes away, so why not stay here if you’re thinking of visiting Pompeii? Stay at the luxurious Royal Hotel Montevergine in Naples for 4-nights for only £128pp.

Bodie, California Bodie_ghost_town Bodie_Saloon

A short distance from the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range in California, is where you should look if you want to experience one of the creepiest ghost towns the United States has to offer! This unearthly shell of a town was once a bustling settlement thriving on the discovery of gold. As more gold was discovered the more the town grew but once the mine closed, people started to leave and with no sign of anyone coming back. Eventually the last person left and the town was officially deserted. In 1962 it became Bodie State Historic Park attracting thousands of visitors every year!  

Craco, Italy cracoCraco0001 The old abandoned town of Craco sits high above the landscape overlooking the province of Matera in southern Italy. It was built atop a rocky cliff, as a defensive strategy, making it look even more ominous against the gentle Italian countryside. For many years residents lived relatively normal lives but it was only when natural disasters started to happen during the 20th century that the inhabitants started to lose faith in the town. The landslides and earthquakes made life very difficult, so in 1963 every single person relocated leaving the town uninhabited. The nearby town of Amalfi is a great place to stay if you’re thinking of visiting, as it’s only a 2-hour drive away and a really pretty Italian coastal town. Stay at the beautiful La Pergola Hotel for 7-nights next summer for only £266pp. 

Oradour-sur-Glane, France downloadOradour-sur-Glane-Streets-1306

This is one of the creepiest ghost towns in existence today, as it has a terrible past that’s hard to think about. On the 10th of June 1944 German-Waffen-SS soldiers entered the pretty French town and massacred 642 people who lived there including the women and children. The event was so horrendous that French president Charles de Gaulle ordered the town to be left untouched as a constant reminder of the terrible fate that was forced on the residents. Today you are free to explore the town on foot, with buildings and also cars that have remained untouched for all those years.  

Gaiola, Italy Gaiola_napoliinclude photo credit

This very small but very creepy Italian island close to the city of Naples has a gruesome past that many won’t talk about. It was once inhabited by a hermit known as the Wizard with many of its future inhabitants experiencing some very bad luck. The trouble began after the villa was built on part of the island. One of the residents was brutally murdered; another’s son committed suicide and then the nephew died of a rare form of cancer. Let’s just say that it’s not the friendliest of places, so expect to feel a chill in the air when visiting. You can stay in the centre of Naples, which is only 20 minutes away by boat. Stay at the luxurious beach front Orchidea hotel for 7-nights next year for only £278pp. 

Mandu, India Jahaz_Mahal_10O

The fortress town of Mandu in India’s Dhar district has seen many battles over the years between Islamic and Hindu dynasties and it was once the capital of a northern Muslim state. Once Hindu control was re-established, the capital no longer served its purpose and was left abandoned. This was over 400 years ago and since then the buildings have been relatively untouched with no renovation or redevelopment at all. The buildings that remain are scattered across quite a large area, with mosques and tombs still beautifully intact. Other buildings include the Nil Kanth Palace, which was once a shrine to Shiva.  

Shanzhi, Taiwan 三芝飛碟屋01三芝飛碟屋

The very unusal Shanzhi Pod City in Taiwan gets its name from the strange pod shaped buildings that have been left to rot here. They resemble UFO’s and are painted in numerous bright colours, making them appear quite futuristic, which only adds to their creepiness. In 1978 construction began on the project but by 1980 the site was abandoned (it is said) due to lack of financial backing. Many believe that the actual reason was because of numerous suicides and accidental deaths on the site caused by the burial ground beneath. Whatever the reason, you can venture here to see it for yourself whenever you please, but be careful!  

Kolmanskop, Namibia Kolmanskop_sandKolmannskuppe_02

This once prosperous mining town in the Namib Desert on Africa’s eastern coast is now a shell of its former self, having been abandoned in 1954 after the last diamond mine closed. The residents simply packed their bags and left, leaving the buildings empty allowing them to be slowly overcome by the desert sand. As you wander past the light coloured buildings you will see that some have been filled with sand, due to doors and windows being left open. It is truly a baron place, which adds to the spookiness and when you look all around you it seems as if there is literally nowhere to go.

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